Saturday, March 31, 2007

A banner day here at the Williams household!

I am convinced that Time is not a constant. It slows down and speeds up at its own whim.
My baby, my first-born, Isabelle.
She lost her first tooth today.
Last night, it was so loose, I could have twisted it out myself. But it must have had one last nerve attachment because she said it hurt a little. So we finally got her to bed, with assurances that if she swallowed it (she was REALLY nervous about that), it would not hurt her.
I don't have a picture of her lost tooth. And here's why:
Today she went to a birthday party for one of her school friends...

Isabelle first lost tooth
...and she called me on my cell, to tell me that she was eating potato chips at the party, and she swallowed her tooth.
I seem to miss her teeth milestones...when this tooth came in when she was a baby, I was working at a podiatry office as a prn person (prn means "as needed") and my Mom, who was watching her, called to say that Isabelle's first tooth had come in. And now, I don't have that first tooth to save and cherish.
Unless we "look" for it, if you know what I mean. I don't know if I have the stomach for that.

To make this joyous occasion special for her, I made a "Tooth Fairy Bag":
Tooth Fairy bag
And she dictated a note to the Tooth Fairy, listing what she wanted, and to assure the Tooth Fairy that it was okay that the tooth wasn't in the bag:
Note to Tooth Fairy
I wrote down exactly what she told me to write.
Tooth picture by Isabelle
She drew a quick picture of her tooth going down to her stomach, and she also drew a fish.
I don't know why.
My tooth picture
My picture of her tooth.

***I updated the new RAPTOR blog with some pictures of some of our rehab birds***


LauraHinNJ said...

Growing up my parents always threatened to tie a string around the loose tooth with the other end on a doorknob if I complained too much.

Hope the tooth fairy brings her a little $$ for her trouble and that you WILL NOT go looking for that tooth.

Mary said...

Don't look for that tooth. It's tiny! I had parents like Laura's.

Whenever Gina lost a tooth, the Tooth Fairy was faithfully on duty with a few quarters under her pillow. Then, once a few years later, the Tooth Fairy had a brain fart and forgot. Gina wondered what happened and that's when I casually told her the whole sad truth about the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. etc. She acted surprised and sad about the "truth" but I know she already knew the whole story. So enjoy it while they are so young!

Now I'm heading to the Raptor blog.

Rachel said...

Awww, can't wait to see her missing-tooth smile!!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Sorry you missed the tooth moment. But, you were there for the more important part . . . the letter writing and tooth fairying. I have almost been caught SO many times. I nearly always forget and then Ruth is a light sleeper. Yikes! Good luck!

Trixie said...

Great drawings by Ms. Belle. Don't look for the tooth, I think she's already moved on.

Lynne said...

My very favorite pictures of my kids are in kindergarten with missing teeth. I LOVE toothless smiling pictures!! (OF kids anyway...)

mon@rch said...

That is cute the drawing of the tooth, well what it would look like it if wasn't in the stomach! LOL I bet she doesn't do that again!