Tuesday, April 03, 2007

34 is NOT the new 20

Not an exciting post tonight. I had a nice day making phone calls for RAPTOR, enjoying the warm wind and bright sun.

Isabelle knows that putting things around the pets' neck is a no-no, but I laughed when she accessorized Powder. Cat bling!

Photos from other days...Lorelei in black and white.

I love vanity plates. I used to think that only self-indulgent people put them on their cars, but some people can be quite clever.
Another one I have seen, but I couldn't get a picture of: FRTBRKR. Fart-breaker?

The GHO on this poster reminds me of Junior...who is doing well in captivity. He's fed and he's happy. Someone is interested in taking him as an educational bird. I will keep you informed.

Something happened today that made me realize that I really wasn't "young" anymore.
When Geoff uses my car, he usually listens to the local OLDIES station, WGRR. When I turned on the radio, I heard J. Geils "Angel is a Centerfold". On an oldies station.
Then I started to think about how old that song actually is. It's more than 20 years old.
And I listened to it when it was new. Oh, Lord.


LauraHinNJ said...

Been there with the oldies station! My husband listens to the real oldies, though.

I recognized that poster right away from the Raptor Trust - I mentioned that I volunteer to transport birds - well, that's the place! They're awesome.

I'd bet that bird is Hootie - who passed away in the last few years. She was like 20 years old I think, and was a foster mama to many great horned owls that were homeless or orphaned.

Mary said...

Oh, be quiet. You are not old at all. I'm older than you and I listen to top 40 pop sometimes and I like it.

As I was reading FRTBRKR - this is ironic - Bella let three audible FRTS and now, I must vacate the premises. Toodles!

LauraHinNJ said...

Scrap that. Hootie was at least 34 years old when she died! 34!!

Read Hootie's story here.

Read the whole site if you have the time. And throw some spare money their way if you're so inclined (after sending some $$ to Susan's RAPTOR, Inc. of course.)

I worry for raptors in NJ when Len Soucy decides to retire.

**End of shameless plug**

Dave said...

I knew I was old when I heard Deep Purple's "smoke on the water" in elevator music.

DK & The Fluffies said...

Hey - I was a birdchick today!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh Hell, I've heard Led Zeppelin turned into elevator music. Sigh. And, since my age is the inverse of yours, Susan, I forbid you to complain about your age. :)

NatureWoman said...

Oh, who wants to be 20 again anyway? It sucks to be 20. You don't know squat at that age. Well, I didn't, but I thought I did!
I remember at work this young 22 year old came to be all excited with his radio "listen to this *new* song!" It turned out to be some old Zepplin song. New to him, old to me. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, growing up in the 70s the "oldies music" was from the 50s -- twenty years prior. So that twenty year old music now is considered oldies is too funny.

Wayne, PA

katdoc said...

Several years ago, Santana had a new album that swept the Grammys, winning just about everything. The next day at work, the 20-somethings said, "And who is this new band, 'Santana?' Whenever they won anything, the GUITAR player went up on stage."

I was in shock. CARLOS SANTANA, one of the top 3 rock guitarists of all time, and these children didn't know his name? Appalling.

I also work with people who, when I say I can remember where I was when I found out John Lennon was kiled, say "I wasn't alive when John Lennon died."

Not to have lived in a world where there was a John Lennon - tragic.

~Kathi, who is showing her age and doesn't care