Friday, March 23, 2007

In honor of the anniversary of the birth of Swamette

Word of the Day:
apotheosis \uh-pah-thee-OH-sis; ap-uh-THEE-uh-sis\, noun;
plural apotheoses \-seez\:
1. Elevation to divine rank or stature; deification.
2. An exalted or glorified example; a model of excellence or perfection of a kind.

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. You know her as Swamette.
I know her as the single best mother-in-law I could ever ask for. To use the Word of the Day:
"Rita is worthy of apotheosis in song of her mother-in-law skills."

Swamette's birthday cake

Kevin and Rachel brought this beautiful cake for dessert.
Sugar bird
And it had a wee sugar bird on it!
Swamette and Geoff
Rita and her oldest, my Geoff.

Icing swirl
I couldn't stop taking pictures of the cake. The icing was delicious.
Yurt Wall of Fame
The Wall of Fame at the yurt...Jim and Rita have photos up of everyone who is important to them. I think I am in there somewhere...
Quagmire (Butterscotch)

Butterscotch (Jim calls him Quagmire), quite possibly the coolest cat in the world.
Quagmire watches TV
He even watches TV!
Swamette's crocuses
Rita's crocus bed.
wet crocus
I love the Macro function on my camera, now that I know how to use it.
wet crocus 2

When Swamis attack
Our daughters are never safe from...
"Attack of the Swami" !!!

Happy birthday, Rita. I love you.

I started a blog on Blogger for RAPTOR. Let me know if you find any glitches.


Liza Lee Miller said...

My mother-in-law is awesome as well. Hurrah! Happy Birthday to the Swamette!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday to Swamette! You are getting good with that camera, Susan. Isn't it nice to be able to photograph COLOR again? I like that bewd on the cake.

Lynne said...

I can just hear your girls squealing and giggling in the arms of the Swami!!