Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bubbles....lots of tiny bubbles...

As Mary stated yesterday, it is SO NICE to be photographing color. The promise of Spring makes Winter bearable, doesn't it?
The backyard red maples are full of tiny flowers that somehow I never really looked at before:

Macro maple flowers

Macro maple 2

Color on the maples
The forsythia is sending little pokey flowers up the stems:
The azalea is thinking really hard about blooming:
Bud on azalea

And I wanted to share a cool little product I got for the girls. Regular bubbles are nice, but I found a bubble solution that makes bubbles that DON'T pop when you touch them!
It's called "Hold-A-Bubble", and I got it at Walgreen's.
It reminds me of the stuff I used to play with many moons ago...that stuff that you would put on the end of a straw and blow into mini-balloons. This solution makes about a trillion bubbles in one blow, and after a few seconds the bubbles harden and you can actually stack them on your hands. They eventually lose air and become little flat sacks.
Even after about 20 minutes, there was still a blanket of bubbles laying on the grass. And in our hair, and on Nellie, and on the trees...
If you know a little kid, or if you are a little kid, get these!

Belle holding bubble

Bubbles stuck on Belle

Kick it!
Nellie was not impressed. She likes bubbles she can bite, not bubbles that stick to her face. She wanted to play ball.
"Kick it, Mom! I wanna run!"
Bubbles on wild onion

Macro bubble
I like this photo. On the left you can see the reflection of the purple martin house, and in the middle you can see me!

And this one is for Swami:
I was returning a part I didn't need back to the dealership (I got my car back!!!!!) and saw this sign for a place that can jazz up your car. Swami likes unusual animals...He has given the girls stuffed animals like "Baby's First Armadillo" and "Baby's First Weasel" (Where does he FIND these things?)
Speed Weasels


The Swami said...

Did you check to see if Speed Weasels can enhance the performance of a yak. Sometimes Zak is a bit sluggish.

Trixie said...

Right on! I cannot wait to find those bubbles for my girls. It could be a little bit of time before they can play them outside. I wonder if the Easter Bunny will find them? Hmmm...

Thanks, Susan!

Mary said...

Sussn, I can't wait to visit Walgreens and get those bubbles! I love this post. It's so light and colorful. The last photo is awesome. Don't you just love your camera???

jemkagily said...

Note to Swami:
There is an AMAZING store in Lebanon, OH called the Enchanted Village (it's painted purple and features dangling marionettes outside), open Wed. through Sun. that stocks more stuffed animal species than I've ever seen under one roof. I bought my niece her first meerkat there but they also had warthogs, otters, lobsters, octopi...I should have looked for yaks! My daughter got herself her very own Chet Baker that day too. It's a shop that Grandparents Need to Know about. ;)

mon@rch said...

Bubbles are soo much fun!