Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What do you put on your blog when you haven't taken any photos today?

Oh, I don't know...
You could take pictures of your favorite scrapbook pages....

scrapbook page 5

scrapbook page 4

scrapbook page 3

scrapbook page 2

scrapbook page 1
...or you could recycle some old photos that haven't ever been posted...
lorelei kissing tree

Groucho Lorelei

Groucho Isabelle

chocolate lover

trixie writing a letter
...or you could play with your camera's Macro function...
Playing with the macro function

my rock's like watching paint dry, isn't it.

And Lynne brought to my attention that I forgot to add the word of the day:
Word of the Day:

maunder \MON-duhr\, intransitive verb:

1. To talk incoherently; to speak in a rambling manner.
2. To wander aimlessly or confusedly
(I bet I could use that in a sentence...about myself.)


Lynne said...

Funny! You don't know how many pictures I've taken of my wedding rings practicing with the macro setting!!!
Sweet baby girl pictures. I should learn scrapbooking.

I especially like the picture with the schnoz and glasses- a great disguise!

Lynne said...

Heeey- Where's the word of the day???

NatureWoman said...

Ohhh, first let me thank you for posting the days left 'til spring! I didn't think about it being sooo close! Awesome!
I *love* your scrapbook pages - they're wonderful and your daughters will love them when they get older too.
That photo of Lorelei kissing the tree is *priceless*. What a little sweetheart! And then a funny girl, too, huh?
Hope you're feeling better!
I'll quit maundering now (as in I'm rambling on, not talking incoherently).

Jess Riley said...

Your kiddos are absolute dolls!

And the cat picture cracked me up.

Endment said...

Wonderful scrapbook material!!!

Maunder - I needed that - my husband said he couldn't understand me - next time I will tell him - don't worry I am simply maundering :)

Mary said...

Hey I am finally able to post here. I like the word "maunder" - it describes myself most nights when I am posting. At least you made good of all the photos you shared with us. They are ADORABLE.