Monday, January 22, 2007

Thinking about tomorrow

Tomorrow, both of the girls are in school, so I have free-Mommy-birding time.
I am browsing Cincinnati Birds for any new, CLOSE, gravel-pit free birding hot spots.

The gravel pit issue is my newest pet peeve. I am drafting a letter to the Enquirer's Forum section, but that's not enough. What can birders do when a prime area is in danger? Can we go against a whole town?

Didn't take any good photos today...but I feel the need to post every night, even if there's nothing to talk about.


LauraHinNJ said...

I know where that's at, Susan. I had a day today - not a single interesting thing happened!

Is there a local chapter of the national audubon society that you might alert to the issue? An Ohio audubon that might like to get behind it?

I'm on the board of the local audubon chapter of the national society - and we eat this type of thing up! You might think that local conservation groups are aware of it, but that may not be. They might just have the tools and know-how to put stop that in its tracks. Just an idea.

Susan Gets Native said...

That is a great idea, Laura!
I think I will try that. Cincinnati has a chapter...and they are about to get an email.

LauraHinNJ said...

There's this whole thing to turn my bevoled Sandy Hook into a sort of bed-and-breakfast / conference center - awful idea - but the national park service has no money to maintain the buildings out there.

Our local Audubon chapeter and other conservation groups have been putting up a good fight against it. We're really lucky though, one woman on the board is so smart and is such a dynamo that she's really giving them a run for it.

Stay on them Susan! Don't let a special place like that get away!

Mary said...

Sometimes I get tired of cooking up something to write about and take a break to renew the old brain. Hang in there with your pet peeve!

NatureWoman said...

I'm with Laura - keep on it Susan! Don't let it go - go with your passion! One person *can* make a difference!!

Blogging breaks are necessary for renewal once in a while! And besides, you needed to recover from your cold, right!

Anonymous said...

Good thing you do feel that need because I feel stupid when I obsessively check people's blogs and there is nothing new to read! :)