Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow, and the snuffles

I am in the middle of my annual cold. I don't get sick very often, maybe once or twice a year. I was raised in an era that didn't make my parents feel guilty for not disinfecting any and all surfaces that I came in contact with. My immune system gets lots of practice.

We finally got some snow that is worth taking photos of.

snow stick

We used the snow stick that Lorelei made in school to see how much snow we got. Not quite 4 inches.
A flock of maybe 30 robins visited the yard, eating the fruits off the crabapple tree. I only see birds eating these when it's really cold or snowy.
nurse lorelei
Since I rarely get sick, the girls thought it was a treat and tended to me. Isabelle called herself "Dr. Isabelle" and told Lorelei she could be "Nurse Lorelei".
Lorelei took my temperature with a stick from her princess kit...about 20 times.
And all of her stuffed animals became bandages. Anything she could find, became a medical tool.
Bless her pointed little head.
lorelei snow angel
The girls have been crazy waiting for snow. Geoff and I dressed them and set them free outside.
Snow angels:
isabelle snow angel
...and the chickadees were too hungry to care that Isabelle was so close to the feeders. If you look close, you can see one sitting on the green feeder.
chickadee feeder belle snow angel
The snow made the dogs goofy, too. What is it about snow that turns dogs into little hyenas?
dogs playing in snow

boomer window
While the girls were in the front yard, Boomer made sure that he kept a close eye on them...
snowballs on window
...even while Isabelle threw snowballs at me outside the window.
geoff shoveling
Geoff. God love him. He cleared the entire driveway by himself.
We have a looooong driveway.
lorelei driveway
Lorelei made a few snow angels in the snow before Geoff could clear it all.
Here I come Daddy
"Here I come, Daddy!"
cupcake batter
Part of the rest of the afternoon was spent making cupcakes with the girls.
Confetti cupcakes, with vanilla icing and M&M's. Yummmm....
lorelei cupcakes
"I helping!"
I will be taking my Nyquil soon, and hopefully it doesn't kick in as I am leaving comments on other blogs.


Mary said...

Thanks for sharing your snow-filled day...ahhh. Some of my best memories are from days like this when the kids and dogs were snow-caked and happy. Take your Nyqil and rest. Take care of YOU.

NatureWoman said...

Get well soon Susan! I love your angel and hyenas photos! Mmmm, your cupcakes look yummy! I love cooking and baking on a cold snowy day! Good boy Boomer keeping a close eye on your girls!

Anonymous said...

Feel better! Cutest kids and I love the way dogs act in the snow. So funny.

Last time I lived in snow country, though, was in the eastern sierra -- your snow measuring stick would never make it up there -- I looked at it and thought it was really tall and you got 4 feet of snow! :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... cupcakes! With a side of Nyquil! Feel better soon!