Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yeah, you all are a bunch of comedians

Well, I survived drinking a gallon of evil, evil stuff.
Pam asked what the ingredients are:

Polyethylene Glycol 420 g (Wait, isn't that the stuff in antifreeze??)
Sodium Bicarbonate 5.72 g (I think that is the stuff in some antacids.)
Sodium Chloride 11.2 g (Salt...eeww)
Potassium Chloride 1.48 g (Oh, Hell, I don't know...paint remover?)

Put all that together and you get DRANO.

During my day of confinement, I had a lot of time to think, watch the birds..
Oh, cute moment: I was kneeling on the couch, looking out at the feeders. I glanced to my left and all THREE dogs (Bailey's here for 2 weeks) were sitting up with their front paws on the back of the couch, watching the birds with me.

Boomer wouldn't leave my side. When I laid down on the couch, he either laid down with me or sat by the couch, with his chin next to my face. When I went to the restroom, he came in and laid down on my feet.

At one point, there were four bodies on the couch:
I was curled up in a semi-fetal position, Bailey was on my feet, Boomer was behind my knees, and Nellie was actually laying ON me. That wasn't as obnoxious as it sounds...yes, she weighs about 70 pounds, but half of her was on the back of the couch, so I only got half of her weight. Very considerate of her. It was a nice moment...snuggled warmly under a big comforter, warm doggie bodies wrapped around me...and then I had to get up and go to the bathroom, AGAIN.

I lit a fire in the fireplace for warm and comfort. When I closed my eyes, the flames were casting shadows and light across my eyelids, and I started thinking what life was like back before electricity (and the Internet, and TV). Life was illuminated by either the sun, the moon or a fire or candle. And I came to the opinion that THAT'S why we just aren't as romantic as we used to be. Nowadays, when we want to "set the mood", what do we do? Light some candles or lay a fire in the grate. See?
Firelight is great for bringing on the romance. It's beautiful to look at, and it's way more flattering that incandescent bulbs. It makes our eyes shine, softens our features...

No, there were no narcotics in the drink. (I'm sorry to say)
Why, may I ask, do they not sedate you during the prep, too ?!? I would gladly have slept through this day, if I had the option.
Coming up tomorrow, if I can swing!
Don't worry, Pam. I will warn all of you in the title!

Added later:
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Mary said...

You made the very best of a trying day. Dogs sense your health. A little over a year ago I had emergency ankle surgery and my dogs stayed by my side for my entire 8 weeks on crutches. Their lives were "put on hold" for that time and they NEVER complained or gave me grief. They understood somehow, and had compassion. Snuggled with me for so long...

Your description of the fireplace was so nice. You need to get that camera ready soon!

LauraHinNJ said...

Sounds like a fun day.


It'll be over soon. Hang in there with your sense of humor.

NatureWoman said...

That stuff sounds gross - I'm glad you made it through the day with your dogs all wrapped snuggly around you. Nothing like animal warmth and comfort when you need it, huh!
Too bad it wasn't a true romantic day for you.
It was nice to see your daughters in Swami's blog!

Mary said...

Susan! It's an honor.

Anonymous said...

If only our doctors could have the intuitive sense that our dogs have.

Today is the easy part- I'm thinking of you!

birdchick said...

I'm so sorry you had to drink that. I used to have an employee who would take three days off for her procedure. I'm told that if you can survive the drink, that's the worst of it.

My mom who used to be a nurse would get calls from patients crying that they just couldn't drink the whole dose and she that if you couldn't finish it, that wasn't too big of a deal...of course she's a Christian Scientist now so maybe take that with a grain of salt.

Get well soon, babe. And BTW, I LOVE your current profile shot.

The Swami said...

I have it on good authority that Susan is home, and zonked out [ I believe that is the proper medical terminology; at least it is when The Swami is involved].

I will leave it to Susan to provide any details (beyond the fact that nothing serious was found).

I suspect that the doctor is going to prescribe drinking a gallon of yak milk per day.

Dave said...

Glad all is over and your doing well.