Saturday, November 04, 2006

Prep me up, Scotty!

Try this on for size, my little chickadees:
Tomorrow begins the preparations for my colonoscopy.
I can only have clear liquids, and here's where the fun really begins, kiddies.
I am picking up a "Trilyte" solution, one whole gallon of it, at the pharmacy, in the morning. I have to drink 8 ounces of this stuff every TEN minutes, until it's gone. What exactly IS "Trilyte"? It is a laxative. I have to drink a gallon of laxative.
**I will let that sink in for a minute**
A gallon.
Of laxative.

I am now accepting sympathy comments.

On to better things:

I had the best program tonight. I was presenting at a school of music, which is in a private residence. The owners of the school threw a "Harry Potter" party for their students. Everyone was in costumes, and there was Butterbeer, and creepy music and a "Snack Trolley". Anyone who has not read the Harry Potter books: 1. Shame on you. and 2. Read them.
The kids ranged from 6 to 16 and were so interested, and polite and great.
I brought owls, of course. The owner introduced me, and said that I was there to teach them about "The Care of Magical Creatures". It was too cute.

Taking the owls home back to the barn tonight, I got out of my car and was heralded with the sound of Junior, hooting his feathered butt off. He was in a tree right across from the barn and there were no begging calls tonight. It was all about the hooting. He sounded pretty macho. If I was a female GHO, he could have turned my head.
I recorded him on my phone with the Voice Memo option, but I can't figure out how to get it off my phone and onto the blog. I know that there is a thing on Blogger where you can do audio posts to your blog, so maybe next time, I will call the number and let Junior leave you a message!

Update on the screech owl I picked up the other night:
Email from Cindy, the rehabber I took him to:

The SO's right eye is probably blind. After our eye vet returns next week, hopefully he will be able to see him. That is an improvement over his initial assessment. The eye was misshapen and gelatinous - thought it was collapsing, which is an euthanasia case because of the extreme pain. However that has improved. He is eating well on his own and has quite an attitude.


LauraHinNJ said...

You have my sympathies. Guess you won't be blogging much tomorrow.


Sounds like a cool program.

Dave said...

You have my sympathies also. Hey, if we call your cell, can we leave a message for Junior?

Anonymous said...

I feel for you Susan...but just think how clean and shiney your colon will be!

Wouldn,t it be cool if you could make Junior's hoots be your ringtone?

Susan Gets Native said...

A clean and shiny colon....

The things we talk about here.

If I could swing it, Junior would definitely be my ringtone.

NatureWoman said...

I'm glad the screechowl is going to survive - is he going back in the wild with one eye blind?
Ohhh, Junior sounds like he's a s-e-x-y manly owl. That would be cool to have him as a ringtone! Awesome.
Cool idea - bringing you in to show owls at a Harry Potter party!!
Okay, onto the bowels - ugh - I'm sorry that you have to go through that intense bowel cleansing - did you tell *everyone* that your name is on one of the bathrooms tomorrow?

Susan Gets Native said...

If the owl is truly blind in one of his eyes, he won't be going back to the wild. He will become a program bird for us or another facility.
And the bathroom is all mine...Geoff is taking the girls out for the whole day. So I can suffer in peace.

Beth said...

Good luck tomorrow (today?).

I'm so jealous about the Harry Potter party.