Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Not a 100 mile bird, but close...yawwwwnnnnn

I just got back from a bird pickup.
This time, it was a gray screech owl, probably hit by a car. The wonderful citizen who called it in said it was just sitting in the middle of the road.
I saw blood on the owl's beak, but no other obvious injuries. I dropped it off at Marc and Cindy's so they can work their bird mojo.

See any pictures here? Me neither.

What makes me crazy is that I have, stored on my camera, great pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes! And I am sure there are a few bird pics in there, too.
And an update for all of you obsessed with my colon:
I have my procedure scheduled for Monday. So if I can sweet- talk the tech and if I am not too stoned, I will post about my lovely experience, complete with photos.
How WILL we wait through the weekend???
Bird sighting: A flock of cedar waxwings visited the front yard today. And they stayed, and stayed, and posed....and did my camera work? Hell no.


Patrick Belardo said...

I remember when Katie Couric had her colonoscopy shown on TV. Let's not get too intimate with these pictures! :)

Mary said...

You'll be sweet-talking to more people than the technician! He'll be laughing, I'm sure.

NatureWoman said...

Please warn me if you put colon photos in your blog - I have a weak stomach. I remember when my SO went through that and his doctor casually showed me his photos - I almost puked. I would have gone into the medical profession but I can't handle blood and guts. I guess I'm too empathetic.

Could Santa come early to give you a new camera?