Thursday, November 02, 2006

Doesn't anything F***ing Work?????

You know, technology is great and all, but when it doesn't work I get crazy.

1. My car isn't running. So I have to haul kids and raptors in Geoff's little Saturn. It gets crowded. And call me strange, but I get a bit upset at the lack of room just to turn my head to change lanes.

2. My camera doesn't work. And I have seen cool stuff lately that I may never see again. But maybe my DH will spare a bit of that book advance money and let me go get a good camera.
(Geoff never comments on my blog, but I bet that will get a response.)

3. Our cable isn't working. I had almost the WHOLE day to myself (from 1:00 pm until 8:30 pm) since Geoff, the fabulous husband and father he is, picked up the girls at school and took them with him to a book signing up in Dayton. I was all set to order the new X-Men movie (I love movies like that...I'm also a Trekkie...still think I'm cool?) and the EFFING cable is just sitting there, not doing it's job. A technician is coming out tomorrow to fix it, but does that help me today? NO.

Well, at least the computer wor
****just kidding.

Hang in there, kiddos. I will get a new camera and I will get out there and resume bringing you all the riveting scenes of my life.
Blog update:
Welcome Patrick, Toothpaste For Dinner and Melanie to my blog roll.
And I moved some stuff around and categorized all my blog links. So now you can either check out my Family and Friends links, the poor non-birding freaks, or jump right to some fine birding and nature blogs, because we all know you want just birds, birds, birds all the time.


Anonymous said...

I know I confuse easily, but let me see if I got this right. Two days ago Geoff was doing the final revisions to his book. It is already listed on Amazon Canada, even though it is not printed yet. Today he is doing a book signing.

Did I sleep through something?

NatureWoman said...

You're not the only one that gets crazy when things don't work. I also get crazy when things run real slow.
A Trekkie, yup you're still cool. I was around for the *ahem* original Star Trek. It used to be the thing for all of the men to get together to watch and me.
How many books has Geoff written?

Mary said...

I got nuts with funked up technology, too, Susan. I mean, steam rising from the scalp and slamming things, not to mention the language. Hang in there. Tomorrow is another day.

Susan Gets Native said...

Let me clear that up. Geoff did a book signing for his SECOND book today. He just finished revisions on his THIRD book, the one on Amazon Canada. Why it's available for pre-order, I have no idea.
Pam and Mary: I used to have even less patience once upon a time. But antidepressants have given me a new outlook. But I still get crazy. If I didn't, I would explode.
Pam: Original Star Trek???? NO way. You are way too young. Or at least you sound like it!

LauraHinNJ said...

Hey! There's no link to Patrick in your blogroll - are you just teasing us?

My advice (as if you asked) would be to forgo the cable and get a new camera. TV dulls the mind.

Susan Gets Native said...

You were right. I added it once, lost all the edits, and had to do it again and then forgot to put Patrick in there.
Must be all this talking about colons. Has my mind in a mush.
And I could live without TV, but the girls would revolt. They HAVE to have Noggin on every day.

NatureWoman said...

I was real young when the original Star Trek came out, but yup, I was around!

The DH said...

OK, I'm finally commenting--when the book advance comes, we'll get you the best camera that money can buy! (As long as it's not over $35.)

OK, OK, I'm kidding. Um, $40?

Dave said...

the dh - US or Canadian $40? Hang in there Susan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!