Sunday, November 12, 2006

I think I am going to Flickr.

It took me 8 tries to get these photos up!
I love my camera.
Isabelle went to a "Princess"-themed birthday party for one of her classmates today, so I found her a fancy dress, put her in stockings, pearls and dress shoes. And Lorelei is the girliest girl ever, so she had to dress up too.

Two male house finches and a very drab goldfinch. I never could have taken a shot like this with the old camera.
A male downy woodpecker enjoying the last of our bug suet...all vegetable matter and crickets and meal worms. Yum!
The red-shouldered hawk was perched on Sydney's house this morning.
Boomer is wise beyond his years. There were a lot of feet available in the house today to satisfy his butt itch, but he chose the Swami's feet.


Geoff Williams said...

I have to admit, the camera takes some great photos. You should spread the wealth and occasionally send your husband a few pictures of the girls, so he can use them for his visually-boring blog.

LauraHinNJ said...

Love the barefoot girlie-girl!

Mary said...

Half-way through my post today, Blogger quit uploading photos, so I'll wait...damn. Your camera is doing a great job and I'm jealous. Lovely girls :) The Yak Herder should be more than qualified to calm a butt itch on a small Boston. Thanks for the Boomer fix.

Susan Gets Native said...

Dearest Hubby: Subtle you are not. I will round some up for you, sweetie. And you left a comment!!! Stop the presses!

Laura: She left the house in tennis shoes, that were oh-so fetching with her velvet princess gown!

Mary: The Swami's gifts are many. I wonder if he would let a YAK scratch it's itchy butt on his feet?

Beth said...

Sometimes it works better posting pictures if you upload only one at a time. I have trouble sometimes if I try more than one picture. But if I do it one at a time, it works better.

NatureWoman said...

Love the photos! Your daughters are beautiful - I l-o-v-e those bare tootsies! Cool bird photos. Swami would certainly scratch any Yak's butt itch too, wouldn't he?

-llm. said...

Congrats on the new camera! Enjoy it!

The Swami said...

The Swami recommends that owners of beasts with itchy bums spray them with the aerosol version of "I Can't Believe It's Bummer."

I cannot attest to its effectiveness, but it should save on your shoes.