Monday, October 09, 2006

Nature Woman asked for a link I mentioned on Julie's blog.
Want to see baby pictures of the famous Chet Baker?
Click Here!

By the way: My computer is uber-slow today, and I forgot to mention that I saw my first rufous hummingbird at our feeder this evening, about an hour before the sun set.
I had been standing at the window, thinking that it was about time to take the feeder down, and here comes a female rufous!!! True story!
For the non-birders in the audience: Rufous hummers are not a usual hummingbird to see in the eastern U.S. But they have been showing up at feeders later in the year over the past few years, and they are being seen because people have started to leave sugar-water feeders up past the usual Spet. 1st deadline.
Life Bird #91!


LauraHinNJ said...

Cool! I leave mine up too, but slack off with taking care of them - bad!

Thanks for the reminder to clean them and refill!

The Swami said...

What a coincidence. The morning after you see a rufus hummingbird, I believe that I saw a life yak.

As i drove to work I got a fleeting glimpse of a pileated pack animal. I was not able to get a photo though. I think my camera phone was out of film.

-llm. said...

Here in the wilds of California, we have Anna's Hummers year round so I have to take care of my feeders 365. The one good thing is that when the temps don't get above 50 in the winter, the hummer juice lasts a LOT longer!

I love the Rufous Hummers but here I'd never know if it was a female Rufous or a female Allen's. They look identical.

I haven't ever seen a yak here but when my sister was about 11, she said she saw one in Yerrington, Nevada.

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, man, you guys...commenting on the Swami's comments will only encourage him!

NatureWoman said...

Thank you Susan! OMG - what a little cutie Chet Baker was!
Wow! A Rufous Hummingbird - that is so cool! I would be shocked if I ever saw one in NY.

The Swami said...
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The Swami said...

I believe I once saw a yearling yak in a yucca in Yerrington. Or was it a weasel in a willow in Winnemucca?