Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I won't embarrass Boomer by listing all of his faults here.
Well, okay, I will.
But first, his strengths:
1. He loves the kids.
2. He loves Nellie.
3. He doesn't mind taking a bath.
4. He doesn't mind getting his nails clipped.
5. He is very smart.
6. He is equally happy running and playing, or napping next to us.
7. He likes rides in the car.
8. He doesn't bark.
9. He is sweet.
But even this seemingly perfect dog has a few quirks.
1. He chases cats. And I don't mean just for a thrill. He has the intent to harm. Yes, I know that's the terrier in him and he was on his own for who knows how long and probably chased cats then, but other terriers learn to quell that urge, and Boomer will have to, also.
2. He is a garbage-raider. Yesterday, I was cleaning my cabinet of old food coloring and cookie cutters. I heard a crash later, and when I went up, I saw Boomer standing in the kitchen, with a look that said, "What?".
And this is what I discovered:


Shannon said...

Oh so that is what they mean when they say "being caught green pawed".

Julie Zickefoose said...

Around these parts, cat chasin' is a VIRTUE!! I sicced Baker on a big fluffy white and striped one today. He lets out a ferocious growl and bluster that scares even me, and chases them at warp speed deep into the woods. Of course, what we get out here are spectacularly unwelcome feral cats, visiting from nearby farms and shacks, none of them beloved house kitties. They come here to kill birds, snoop around in the compost pit, and spray pee right under our bedroom window. Git 'em, CHET! (He says thank yew for the babeh picture link) I wish you luck quelling that instinct. How is Boom with the pet rats?

Anonymous said...

But Susan- I think Boomer was just making his Leprechaun costume for Halloween! Really... that's what he told me...

Susan Gets Native said...

Julie: Boomer notices the rats, but doesn't seem to care too much.
And you are right on about feral cats. That's just irresponsiblity on the part of some dumb cat owners. Grrr.
One of my cats has been with me for 10 years, and no upstart BT is going to run her around!
Now, you know I will have to find a leprechaun outfit for him for Halloween.

Michelle said...

I can sympathize, I have garbage raiders myself. With Boomer having been on the lamb and having to fend for himself that might be a hard habit to break.

Funny pics though :))

LauraHinNJ said...

Caught with his paws in the cookie-cutter jar!

Busted is right - but it did make for a good photo opp!

Susan Gets Native said...

Laura: I scolded him, but I was laughing the whole time. I don't think he got it. lol

The Swami said...

Need I point out that you would NEVER have a cat-chasing problem with a yak. House-breaking is perhaps a bit different but, trust me, yaks give a whole new meaning to house breaking.

jemkagily said...

Oh Boomer, it's not that easy bein' green. What a great photo! It reminds me of the time that my mom forgot to cover her painting palette and her dachshund Heidi investigated, then ran around the house. She neglected to cover her tracks.
forgive me!

Mary said...


I loved this! I have a female Boston who will, most definitely, hurt a cat. Chloe is 10 and the urge to harm is still there. She lived with a cat in the house for several years, too!

Boston Terriers will get into mischief - take a peek at my post from yesterday..."What They Do, Unsupervised".

Boomer looks so innocent...


-llm. said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

NatureWoman said...

I'm ROFL!!! Boomer looks like he's saying "what, I didn't do anything, what's your problem?" Still ROFL!! Thanks for the laughs.

Nanner said...

I did laugh when I saw the picture, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting..but very cute. When do I get to meet this new member of the family?? Got to get together soon.

Fiona Bun said...