Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lorelei and I ended up on a road today that I didn't know the end result of.
Turned out to be Mariemont...
A very pretty, affluent community on the eastern side of Cincinnati.
I remembered that Dave from Alaska had worked there back in the day, so I took some photos.
I looked for stuff that had the look of being there for at least 35 years...
Dave, recognize any of this stuff?

Fountain across from the Mariemont Inn.

Mariemont Elementary

The Mariemont Inn

The Mariemont Strand. What is this, a place to get stranded?

A dumb ass guy on a motorcycle, with no helmet and wearing freakin' sandals. Now, I have been on enough motorcycles to know why you need to wear boots or at least SOCKS. Those exhaust pipes are HOT!

I need to write a letter...if you want to own and operate a street bike, you should have to be able to pass an IQ test. Ever notice how many bike riders (not bikers, that is a different breed altogether) are complete morons? Passing in between lanes going about 120 mph? The guys I see with the leather, the boots, the THEY deserve to ride a motorcycle.

Okay, rant over.

After the RAPTOR meeting tonight, I was yet again serenaded by Junior. His hoot is so beautifully deep, and his white throat patch flutters when he hoots. What a cute bird. At least I know he isn't going to come too close to me in the dark...unless I happen to be holding a big, juicy rat.


NatureWoman said...

You're so good at taking photos from your car! OMG - rant away all you want about the guy on the bike - I have seen and heard about too many people screwing up their bodies because of stupidity like this. In AZ it drives me nuts to see people like this riding around in rush hour traffic. Oh, and then there are the fools that pop wheelies in front of me on the highway - it's not cute.
Junior is a cutie!

Dave said...

Great shot of Jr.

I believe the Mariemont Inn has a resturant in it. If I remember right the chow was excellent. It still looks the same.

Thanks for the pic's of Memory Lane.

Shannon said...

Susan I believe that my husband calls those types of riders, organ donors.

Mary said...

I'm with you regarding motorcyclists. This is unbelievable: in the State of Delaware, it's an enforced law for everyone to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. As for motorcylcists, it's required that they have in their possession a safety helmet and eye protection while operating a motorcycle, UNLESS the driver or rider is under the age of 19, then they must WEAR a helmet and eye protection. It's insane! Ooops, there goes another organ donor!

KatDoc said...


Had Sunday brunch in the Mariemont Inn this spring. It is still terrific.

"Donorcycles": Don't get me started. Used to work in a hospital and when a biker crashed, all his buddies would come visit him (well, if he survived, anyway) and tie dirty bandanas to his IV pole, his bed frame, his cast, whatever. Every time I see a guy (or gal) riding a bike without a helmet, I want to ask him if he has signed his organ donor card. Stooo-Pid!


PS: Susan: I wish I knew when you were doing a program in Clermont or eastern Hamilton County - would love to meet you IRL.


Michelle said...

Ha! Yes, exhaust pipes are very hot. I have a scar on the back of my calf to prove it!!

Junior is very handsome.

beckperson said...

Bobbers grew up in Mariemont, too...a proud graduate (ahem) of Mariemont High School.

We actually got married there (and you were in attendance...we have pictures to prove it). The church is right near the grassy area in the first picture you posted.


jetison said...

Well, Cathy beat me to the punch but Mariemont Elementary was Mariemont high School when I went there grades 7-12. My dad owned a delicatesson in the location which is now Graeters. My mom and brother worked at Mariemont Inn. And there is a wedding I vaguely remember too. Ancient history, but we weren't affluent. Later we lived in a house we rented near the bottom of the hill that climbs from Mariemont to Indian Hill [I lived there too, but we weren't affluent there either].