Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Invasion of the Mind Snatchers (otherwise known as blogging)

Good grief! I haven't posted photos of Boomer in days!

One of the dogs' favorite pastimes...chewing each other's faces.

Sweetness in profile

Boomer likes Charley Harper, too!
For those who don't know who he is:
An artist who calls his work "minimal realism".
And if anyone is stuck on a Christmas gift pour moi, I give you two words: Charley Harper.

Blogging has done something to me. I am taking pictures of things that just really don't need to be photographed.
But this is really cool.
I have a confession. I have an addiction to car washes.
And a new one opened near us, and it's amazing what it can do for my car.

I am really out of control. I am taking pictures of soap.
But it's it pretty?

This is the coolest car wash ever. This grid moves forward and back, scrubs your wheels, dries the car with huge blow dryers, and it's all lit up like a video game.
I felt like an extra in the movie Tron.


Oberon said...

......i think you and i and maybe three others......are the only ones that remember tron......i love that movie.

LauraHinNJ said...

Susan, hate to tell you this, but you've lost it.

I'd never heard of Charley Harper, but check this out! I got a postcard in the mail from CMBO with that print and have it hanging over my desk - I love it! I also bought a few of his notecards when I was at the bird observatory in Cape May.

If your DH reads this, maybe he can buy you one of those limited edition lithographs! Hint hint!

The DH said...

That's a great idea, Laura, except that I haven't read today's blog. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

When my kids were little, a ride through the carwash with the colored foam was a reward for good behavior!

No kidding!

Dave said...

It's not an addiction until you go threw them without the car.

The Swami said...

If they use the soap that does not sting when it gets in your eyes, I can take the yaks through there. Let me know about that after the first time you go through without the car. It'll certainly be better the the five and a half hours it takes to dry a yak with a blow dryer!

Mary said...

So funny! A picture-taking frenzy opens a whole new world!

Especially enjoyed seeing Boomer again.

-llm. said...

Wow! Loving that Charley Harper artwork! Thanks for sharing!!!

Janeyms said...

Hey Susan,
Love those Boomer ears!!! They look like they have a life all their own. Flipping backwards one day and forward the next! Too cute. Tell Swami ANYTHING to get him with a yak in the car wash...I really want a picture of that!

Shannon said...

Susan you are starting to scare me!!

Jess Riley said...

Gorgeous doggies...and I love that you adore car washes! I'll never forget watching an elderly woman mash up her car trying to maneuver into one of the automated ones...Poor woman, she just couldn't figure it out.

NatureWoman said...

Ohhh, Ahhh, I love your dog photos - their fur is so shiny and I could just hug them both! I like the Charley Harper artwork - very cool!
Hey, your carwash sounds cool. Mine is so boring. Time to check out a new carwash!