Monday, October 02, 2006

Every dog will have her day

Nellie went to the vet today. She caught the same kennel cough that Boomer came with. Our poor girl wasn't eating and her cough brought tears to my eyes. I had to keep wiping her nose because it was SO disgusting.
She got a steroid injection to calm down her lungs and throat, a cough suppressant, and while we were there I asked the vet (Dr. Emily Dudley, the best darn vet I have met) to check Nellie's hips and knees. Nellie has had a limp for a few weeks that comes and goes. After a thorough exam, the doc wanted to get X-rays to rule out hip dysplasia.
Three X-rays later, I was told that Nellie has arthritis in her hips, spine and tail. The vet was surprised at the severity of it, considering Nellie's age (she will be 6 in November).
Nellie now has a pain reliever/anti-inflammatory pill that we can give her as needed.
We don't need to think about surgery or anything major right now, but if it worsens, we will have to have the dreaded "quality of life" talk.
I got all choked up on the way home, as Nellie fell asleep on my arm as I was driving. She's too young for this to be happening to her. She is just about the best dog in the world.

The cough suppressant makes her drowsy...check out that vacant stare.

At one point, I watched her stand in the middle of the living room, looking at nothing in particular, wagging her tail. She was so stoned!

We had a quick visit from Sydney again this morning, so at one point today there were four dogs in the house.

"Love me, feed me, I'm yours!"

Bailey is our house guest this week as my Mom visits family in North Carolina. What a cutie.

"Could you lean a little closer? My tongue doesn't reach that far."

Nice sunset over Loveland tonight. Green is my favorite "everyday" color, but this pink/gold combination makes my heart feel good.

Okay, y' new favorite shirt. I got this from Birdchick (she also has one that says "Pish Off") and if you want one, go here to order. I've raised a few eyebrows with this one.

I stopped by our local Barnes & Noble to see Julie's new book. Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I felt really self-conscious taking a picture of a book in the store.

(And I faced it forward.)


LauraHinNJ said...

Has Nellie been vaccinated for Lyme's? Did they do a titer? Might be an idea with a suddenly limping young dog.

Just a thought.

Cute pictures - cute shirt!

Susan Gets Native said...

Lyme's disease never came up. I don't think she has ever had a vaccine for that. Her X-rays showed major osteoarthritis..."fluffy" bone changes and spurring in her spine, tail and hips.
I know it's possible that there are ticks out in our yard, but I have NEVER seen one on anybody, people or animals.

LauraHinNJ said...

It was just a thought, Susan. My Buddy started limping suddenly and it turned out he had Lyme's. I had always refused the vaccine, despite lots of ticks here in NJ.

It was an easy fix - heavy antibiotics and pain relief - easier to accept than arthritis (which he has anyway).

Ask your vet about giving her Gluchosamine (spelled wrong!) - you won't see any effect right away, but it can help the joints. What about something for pain?

**Vibes** for Nellie.

Susan Gets Native said...

The vet gave me Rimadyl for pain/inflammation, and she can start it tomorrow since she got a steroid injection today.
It's nice of you to care. I will be asking about glucosamine at our next visit.

Jess Riley said...

So sorry to hear about Nellie! I will be hoping and praying she's better soon. Since Daisy has recently given us a scare about her health, I know what you're feeling. *hugs*

In case you're interested, I found some pretty good health products for dogs at and

The Swami said...

Gee, I don't know why you took Nellie to the vet rather than asking the Swami to dance around his cauldron and make a potion. Hope Nellie feels better soon so she can resume her role as 80 lb. lap dog.

The Swami regrets that he had to post (on his blog) the details of "the dark side of birding."

NatureWoman said...

Poor Nellie, wah, she's w-a-y too young to have such problems. I feel for you and for her.
I could just mush all over Boomer's face - it's so nice and mushable!
Beautiful sunset! I like your *hot* t-shirt!
I've looked in every bookstore I've been in and haven't seen Julie's book - yet. I'll keep looking. I finally had to order it online instead.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Nellie! Feel better soon.

The Swami said...

You get partial credit for "facing" one book. However, since there were four more copies, at least one copy should have been "faced" on the new book table just inside the front door!

Shannon said...

Poor Nellie - send her love from Jeff and I. Funny shirt once I got it I almost fell off the couch laughing. Anyway talk to you soon.

Fiona Bun said...

Hay Susan and Laura - we birded!