Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Coconut 3, Susan 1...and Sonic Boomer

Around this time every year, I give the birds a treat of fresh coconut.
Chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers love it and clean it out in about a week.
It's easy for them to get the meat out, but breaking the hull open is another story.

"E-Z Open Coconut". Yeah, right.
It's scored around the middle, for "easy" opening.

I threw it hard against the driveway twice, and Lorelei even drove over it on her bike. Thanks for the good try, Lorelei!

Third time's the charm. It broke open and rolled down the driveway, spewing coconut milk along the way.


When you have kids, and you have a job, and you're a birder, sometimes you have to get creative. After dropping the girls off at school, I went over to Lake Isabella to return some RAPTOR calls and bird at the same time.

This was the view from my picnic table:

It was quiet, there were practically no people around and NO kids.

And no birds, either. Oh well.
I will have to remember this tree when owl nesting season begins. This is a great natural cavity, just the right size for a screech owl.

Need proof that Boomer is getting better and feeling normal again?

For the first time since we got him, he RAN.

Bailey made a good fast target to go for.

Check him out...all but one leg off the ground! Go, Boomer!

I thought Bailey was fast, but Boomer catches her every time.

"I am only letting you do this to me because you control the food."


The Swami said...

Only the first two and the Lake Isabelle photos would enlarge. Tried to enlarge Boomer skidding through the turn (neato photo).

NatureWoman said...

Congratulations to Boomer running - yay!!! Boomer in a tutu - way too funny!
Very nice view of your lake - it looks so nice and peaceful!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Boomer "approves" of being seen on the world wide web in a pink tutu!! (Hmmm... disapproving Bostons...)

I like the coconut idea. How do you hang it?

The Swami said...

Seeing Boomer in a tutu made me wonder. [I know, my posts probably make people wonder about me].

On Julie's blog does Think for Half-a-Second's comment about "toutured chicken" refer to a recipe for chicken in a tutu?

I guess they don't have spell-check on tofu computers!

jemkagily said...

Hope Nellie is feeling better. :( Boomer in a tutu is the sign of a very loving and tolerant dog. My Golden Kagan used to allow little girls to dress him in necklaces and bonnets and call him Mrs. Nesbitt and invite him to their tea parties. You really picked a winner that day at the shelter!

Susan Gets Native said...

I stretch out a wire hanger and put the coconut in the loop and twist it until it's secure.
Very cheap bird food!