Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Whatever Wednesday

Yesterday, my heart was gladdened by the sight of three juvenile bluebirds in the yard. I hope they remember our yard for next year's breeding season.
There are two on the box and one on the fence behind.
Another photo from yesterday's walk: A pretty, yellow wildflower growing next to a log.
Anyone know of an easy-to-use website so I can figure out what flowers I am looking at?
(Birds are my strength...I don't know the name of a flower unless it has a tag on it)

Yet again, a flower I am clueless about. This one was growing in a pot of cattails I got for the marsh. Now they are blooming and gorgeous. They seem to like all the moist soil in the marsh.

The flowers have a "beard" if that's the word for it.

(and to beat my FIL to the punch {line}, I don't think they are members of the Flower Protection Program)
***I have a feeling that Laura will come through on this's nice to know a master (mistress?) gardener.***


LauraHinNJ said...

Oh the pressure!

Could it be marsh skullcap?

That's a wild guess! I did a google search for "purple-flowered marsh plant" and looked for something similar to your pic.

An unreliable mistress I am. Off to work on that yellow flower.

Susan Gets Native said...

I looked at the link (and you need to show me how to get a hy[erlink on a comment!) and I think you found it.
I looked under "yellow flowers" on that site and I saw Yellow Violet". Isn't that an oxymoron?

LauraHinNJ said...

I liked that site too - searched for your yellow flower and didn't see anything that looked the same. The leaves remind me of raspberries, like a rose, have to search a bit more.

I'm not convinced that my guess is right. The pics on that link make the flowers and leaves look very far apart on the stem, you know? Are the stems square?

I'll email you tomorrow with how to add links in comments. I can never remember how to do it and have the instructions on a sticky note that seems to have disappeared.

The Help Desk said...

I believe the simplest way to add a hyperlink to a comment is to first drink lots of black coffee to get hyper then, open the comments box to full-screen and, using a marker, write the the URL in the comment box.

No need to thank me.