Monday, August 21, 2006

Okay, let's end the suspense Part 1

This is one of the people we had the pleasure of visiting yesterday. Anyone recognize this eye?

Yep, that's Chet Baker.

Since we were in the area that Bill and Julie live, they were gracious enough to let us come by and meet them. And Chet was home from his stay at the vet, and in fine form.

I came bearing gifts for Chet, like this "Heave a Beaver" frisbee. He approved.

When a dog smiles, all is right with the world.

You know how you get the sense from their blogs that Bill and Julie are really great people? Well, they're nothing like that.
They are WAY better!

I took about 65 pictures while we were there, but Blogger's being cranky so I will do another post later.
These people just blew me away...they welcomed us with open arms, made us DINNER and are so very interesting to talk with.
And they have great kids, too. (More pics to come)
Geoff is pushing me to finish this so we can have dinner, so I will be back!


NatureWoman said...

O-M-G!!! That is way cool!!! You got to meet Chet Baker and his parents!! I'm glad he's feeling better - yay!
This was worth the wait. . . yup, it really was!

LauraHinNJ said...

Well, it's about time!


Chet is just as cute with your camera as he is with Julie's.

How long did the toy survive?