Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A day of bittersweetness

Is "bittersweetness" a word? Well, whatever...
Lorelei is an offical "BIG GIRL" today. All of her new bed components were delivered today, and so, it was bye-bye, crib.
I actually got choked up while taking the crib down.
This crib has been in constant use for almost 5 years. First, it was Isabelle's.
And when I was 8 months pregnant with Lorelei, Isabelle moved to a regular twin bed.
And now that Lorelei is 2 and a half and has outgrown the crib, it has been disassembled and put away in the garage.

***A few nightmares and many dreams, lots of wellness and a little illness...an era is over (for now)***

Lorelei "helped" out quite a lot...stealing my screwdriver and banging it against the footboard. This is exactly the kind of bed I wanted when I was little. A canopy with ruffles...perfect.

Our little princess in a huge bed. She loves it and went to sleep even better than she usually did in the crib. Wow...she looks so tiny. But my youngest isn't a baby anymore.


As with any other big thing that happens in this house, we made up a song and danced to it.

"Lorelei's got a new bed...Lorelei's got a new bed..."


Wistful Husband and Dad said...

You've really got me feeling sad and nostalgic. Maybe we should go back to the garage and put the crib back up. I mean next thing you know, you're going to want to try and potty train her...

LauraHinNJ said...

"a few nightmares and many dreams, lots of wellness and a little illness... an era is over"

That was nice.

I had a canopy bed, used to love to jump on it and poke my head up through the canopy and make all the slats fall down on me. I used to love to hide underneath it (it was high - don't guess Lorelei can do that with hers).

Don't be sad - they'll be plenty more dreams in her *big girl* bed, too.

Susan Gets Native said...

Yeah, I know...
but we can start all over by having another baby!
**that thud you just heard was Geoff fainting***

Lynne said...

Oh my- what a sweetie pie!

Egret's Nest said...

sniff, it is a big moment! Congratulations!

NatureWoman said...

What a cutie pie!! And a really nice bed for her!

Shannon said...

Ask Lorelei if I can have her bed. It's cool. I have to admit that even I got choked up. Time to get with making a baby boy now!!