Tuesday, July 11, 2006

RAPTOR Fundraiser

Sunday night brought the RAPTOR Inc. "Raisin' the Roof for Raptors" fundraiser.
It was alot of fun...though I am glad it's over. Alot of work went into it (I had a small part in it...I printed up the programs and all the descriptions for the silent auctions) and the funds will go a long way in helping birds of prey.
My lovely mother bought me a RAPTOR shirt.

Marc, president of RAPTOR and Isis, a mostly albinistic red-tailed hawk. Isn't she a beauty? She lives at RAPTOR because some jack a** shot her. Did he think she was a chicken???
Non-sequiter: Isabelle tries on my new bird-handling gloves, curtesy of my brother Steve...he's a welder and scored me a great pair of leather gloves sewn with Kevlar!

Christopher Walden was at the event, and donated quite a few prints, etc. My in-laws won one of his signed prints, and he even signed the glass!


Jim said...

"won one of his signed prints"... Hmmm, is it really considered "winning" when you "win" the bid in an action? Generally, by my definition, winning shouldn't require the use of a checkbook! But it was a worthy cause. I might add that you are an expensive daughter-in-law, since you are the one responsible for getting Rita and I interested. [but as the old ad goes: you are worth it]

LauraHinNJ said...

Love that pic of Isabelle!

Glad your in-laws won some artwork - they will of course be giving it to the real bird-lover in the family, right?


Jim & Rita said...

It will be all the more reason for Susan to visit us, so she can enjoy the artwork she inspired us to buy!

Susan Gets Native said...

And when they discover a blank place on their wall, I know nothing.