Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Note to self: Don't build a marsh/pond if you're not an engineer

We had quite a night of weather here in lovely Loveland. Tornados circled all around, but thankfully we escaped any damage.
While I was here in the basement for safety with all the animals around me, I realized that my feet were wet. Looking down, I saw standing water under my desk. I knew immediately what had happened: the marsh/pond was not letting water out of the yard fast enough, so the sump pump was backing up with water, and the standing water in the yard was now seeping into my office.
So I had to go out in the dwindling storm with a hoe and scoop mud out of the way for the water to go down the easement and into the creek across the road.
I thought that the drainage passage that I had made would easily be breached in case of a bad storm.
I was wrong.
Back to the drawing board.
Any engineers out there who would like to help me next time?

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Swamp-dweller said...

Young Lady, you need to start paying more attention to your marsh. Most people would have realized that their marsh was a bit too much as soon as the herd of water buffalos began making a home nearby.

I hope that the tide, and any amphibians that came in with it, has gone out in your basement by now.