Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tiny miracles (and one big falcon)

Please welcome the newest addition to our yard...6 tree swallow chicks. Hooray!

Isabelle and I went to observe an education program at Bass Pro Shops at Cincinnati Mills Mall. This is Marc Alverson, the president of RAPTOR, Inc. (And Lucy the Peregrine Falcon)
This tree swallow chick was so warm and sweet...And Julie Zickefoose serves them on crackers.

I've learned my lesson. The beer box is gone and now the bluebirds have

a safe, baffled box to try again.

I'm so glad I looked first. I thought I would clean out the nest of sticks that house wrens have filled my other bluebird house with. There was one, cute little pink egg. I will be leaving that.


LauraHinNJ said...

Cute babies! I've never been brave enough to handle baby birds. I have young chickadees and cardinals coming to the feeder now - fun!

Susan Gets Native said...

I only handle them to get a picture, and never when it's almost time to fledge. And it's good to peek in and make sure they aren't infested with blowflies. Yeewwwwww.
Isn't it nice to look out at your feeders and see the next generation?