Saturday, June 10, 2006

First real look at our new infants

Penny must really trust me...she let me pick up one of her precious charges. They are so perfect...down to tiny whiskers and flower-bud ears. Perfectly-formed toes, and a sweet little pink spaghetti tail. Ahh...I am IN LOVE.
And check out Penny...know any HUMAN woman who could do this one day post-partum?
Not I, Popeye.


Geoff Williams said...

What's amazing to me is that the baby is the spitting image of her parents. I think the baby has Penny's eyes and Nick's whiskers.

Rachel said...

Very cute! And a very maneagable number of babies. Can't wait to see what color they will be!

Susan Gets Native said...

Aren't they sweet???? And two rats is way easier than 20! We got very lucky.
I hope we get one who looks like Penny, and one that looks like Nic.
I noticed that they have little eyelids now...yesterday they didn't. And they are moving around more than I thought they would in one day! They grow so fast.

Jim said...

Yes, they do grow up so quickly. Why, before you know it they'll be off to college in the sewers of New York. Hey, I can hope, can't I?