Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Roses, dogs and snakes

I decided to do something nice for myself. These roses were just shouting for me to pick them up. It didn't hurt that they were on sale for $2.00.


While Isabelle and I were checking nests and the corn and pumpkin plants, I happened to peek into the well for the basement window, and there was a nice little Eastern Brown snake. As I sit here and type this, the window that he is pressed against in right above my head. Ever get the feeling that you're being watched???


Shannon said...

Maybe that nice little Eastern Brown Snake is watching your nice new rat family. Gross!!!

Monty, who is afraid of pythons, said...

Whooooa, Jose! What do you mean "a nice little Eastern Brown snake?" It looks like there are multiple snakes!!! Otherwise it is one snake that is more appropriately sized to live in the Amazon jungle!! Please enlarge and check out that photo again. Then take another look in the window well but only if you are armed with a machine gun in addition to your camera.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful little Garter Snake to me.
With our property backed up to a slow river, we see these little guys all the time. Harmless, and helpful in the garden too.

Susan Gets Native said...

The more I look at descriptions of garter snakes, I think you may be right. It's a very light-colored garter snake, that's why I assumed it was an eastern/midland brown snake.