Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Moments of irony (and dumb things that guys say)

I don't have any photos today, but considering all the trouble I had yesterday with Blogger, I don't even feel like trying.

Moment of irony: This morning, while dreamily gazing out the window at the tree swallows, I noticed four, dark birds circling the gourd. The tree swallows kept leaving their post and chasing the interlopers away. I wasn't paying much attention to the dark birds because I thought they were starlings. Then I saw one in silhouette. I double-checked my Birds of Ohio.
Purple Martins.
While at physical therapy, some of the other therapists were talking and one of their patients asked if he should remove some of the weight he was lifting. The therapist said, "No way, man. You don't want to look like a girl."
Moment of irony: I kept my mouth shut. Now, those who know me well can attest that I really NEVER keep my mouth shut, about anything. (Whether that's a good thing or not belongs in another post.) I was sitting right next to this guy, with my two little girls with me, and he's dissing girls??? Oh, and this loser also said that the environment doesn't bear worrying about, because he said, "If it doesn't affect me, I don't care." That's a direct quote.

Why didn't I say anything? Well, I was hooked up to an electric stimulator machine, receiving about 250 volts to my bad foot, so I wasn't really in the mood to quibble. But it's really starting to bother me that I just sat there.

Even Geoff and I are two walking ironies. We have what we call "gender role reversal". I don't feel like getting into too many instances of stereotyping, but we really don't live up to the old-fashioned roles that society still impresses on us. Or maybe it's just me. I am not what you would call a "typical" woman. I like pick-up trucks, Geoff likes mini vans. I fix things, Geoff breaks things. Geoff likes teddy bears, I like raptors. Geoff would never even tear the tag off of a mattress, I break every rule that doesn't make sense.
Must be why we are so great together. Opposites attract, right?


MojoMan said...

It's a good thing only guys say dumb things, otherwise we'd have to accuse you of gender bias!

Mr. Objective said...

Susan, As I read your post all was well until read that you had your two adorable daughters with you and this guy was dissing girls. Then I really got upset with YOU!!

Why must you be so abusive to the handicapped?

This man was obviously blind, deaf and (to use the proper medical term)a blithering idiot to not recognize Isabelle and Lorelei [and you] as his superior in every way.

He was probably out of the looney bin only long enough to get medical treatment. [Which you could have given him by cranking up the voltage and moving the wires from your foot to his head].

Juliabohemian said...

I don't think anything you would have said would have been well received. I would have been sitting there too, thinking up ALL kinds of things to say.

Susan Gets Native said...

Mojoman: Now, now...I know everyone of both genders has their dumb moments. Maybe I will do a post entitled "Dumb things that chicks say".
Julia: I think that's why I didn't say anything. People like that are unreachable for the most part.
Oh, if you could have been inside my head to hear all the stinging rebuttals I was coming up with...many of them insults to his manhood.
Mr. Objective: He was obviously off his meds.