Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cotton candy clouds~ peach fuzz ratlettes~Hopeful bluebirds

What a perfect cloud to hang over Stonelick Lake...whose beach was covered in goose guano and goose footprints. It's like a huge flock of Canada geese stopped over for a dance and some diarrhea. (I will spare you the photos)

Look how our babies are growing! They are a beautiful mink grey (no coat or stole jokes, please) and their little faces really look ratty now. Their fur is starting to come in and it's like peach fuzz. Still can't tell if they are boys, girls, or one of each. I am not yet versed in the fine art of rat naughty bits.

(BTW: Which is the correct "American" spelling of grey? gray?

The bluebirds continue to hold my interest and their interest in the new box. Come on, guys! This is torture! Lay an egg, will ya?


Clive said...

Personally, I prefer "grey," but then you yanks have not used the Kings, or the Queen's, English for centuries. If you must continue to misspell your colours, then use "gray."

Frighful, I say, just frightful.

Susan Gets Native said...

We should all be glad that I can spell at all, considering that I grew up in Indiana.