Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Easter Angels

Miss Lorelei
Miss Isabelle
Butterscotch (aka Quagmire)
Roxy the Wonder Dog
We had a very nice Easter gathering at the in-laws. My mom came up, too, which was cool. The girls were dressed up pretty, and ended up digging in the dirt for worms and centipedes in the back yard. And my in-laws have trumped me in the bird category.
They have a Cooper's Hawk nesting in their back yard.
Why do folks who don't really try very hard to attract birds, like my Mom and my in-laws, get great birds like Great Blue Herons-Wood Ducks-Pileated Woodpeckers (My mom)
or nesting Cooper's Hawk-Indigo Bunting (my in-laws)
And I stress and freak and worry and try my damnedest to get the birds, and I can't even keep a pair of bluebirds?
This is not fair.
To be true to myself, I do have alot of birds coming to the yard, but nothing is exciting me because they are easy birds to get (I get about 100% of the feeder birds for this part of Ohio)
but come on! A nesting hawk?
I will be documenting and reporting on the hawk's progress to share with all of you.
I admit it. I'm jealous.


Geoff said...

Great photos of the girls, honey, and I'm sure everyone will be watching for your hawk news like a hawk. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) P.S. Isabelle is still awake (at 9:18 p.m.), in our room with me, watching cartoons, utterly alert and awake and still completely wired on Easter candy. It's not pretty.

Geoff said...

Just thought I'd leave this message for everyone else (other than Susan). About 19 seconds after I posted the blog, Susan came into the room and had Isabelle in bed in about 42 seconds. Super Nanny (or whatever that show is) couldn't have done any better. She (Susan, not the nanny) is quite amazing.