Saturday, April 15, 2006


I just happened to stroll out to the now- defunct bluebird house (those damn sparrows!!!) when a dark bird zipped in front of me to check it out first. At first I didn't believe what I was seeing, until ANOTHER one flew past. Two adult male purple martins! I watched them for a few seconds, then snapped out of it and RAN (well, my version of running) to the purple martin house, lowered it, broke a nail getting the door stops out (worth it) and ran it back up the pole.
I haven't seen them any more today, but since they were adult males, they may very well have another spot they have previously nested, and were just passing through. One looked very interested in the bluebird house, though. When I told my Mom about them, she said that there was a semi-successful martin nest in one of the bluebird houses at the house way back when. Semi-successful meaning that a predator got to the eggs before they hatched.
News on the RAPTOR, Inc. front: I finally spoke to a lovely lady from RAPTOR yesterday, and I will be beginning my volunteer-ship with them on May 20. It is such a cool place, I can't wait. When I told her about wanting to trap House Sparrows, I mentioned that I could freeze them and give them to RAPTOR for prey food, and she thought that maybe they could use some LIVE ones for the Cooper's hawks. Rehab places like to gauge how ready a bird is to be released by giving it live prey to catch. So my plan to wipe out HOSP at the Williams "manor" may bring good to some lovely raptors.
Thanks to Birdchick for a link to rehab centers in our area.
What else...what else...
I strongly suggest to all my loyal readers, that if you get bored with my girls and my bird news, please visit Laura's blog for a change of pace. While she is a birder, she is also a bunny-lover and a bibliophile, and she always has something lovely to share. I can hear Jim now..."Who could possibly get tired of your girls? Are you crazy??" But life is on a narrow path at this moment, and my subject matter doesn't get too deep, so I thought I would mix it up.
Another gorgeous blog is Endment. This woman gets the most fantastic bird photos. I don't know how she does it. She also shares poetry, some hers I think, some from others, that is moving, thought-provoking and above all peaceful. I am so glad I know about her blog...after a day of chaos, it's like a warm blanket and hot cocoa.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, safe, candy-filled, choco-licious Easter tomorrow!
I will certainly be posting adorable photos of the girls in their dresses and all the festivities.


LauraHinNJ said...

Can't wait for the Easter bonnet pics! Enjoy the day.

Me, I'm going to the MIL's and then to my SIL who is having an Easter barbecue?!!? I don't know, must be a new Italian thing.

Thanks for the free advertising!

So, you're going to be thawing rats and cleaning up raptor poop, huh? Sounds cool! There is a raptor rehab here in NJ, but it's too far away for me to volunteer regularly, so I transport birds from my area to them when needed. So far, I've chauffered a screech owl and a red-tail. Actually got to hold the red-tail during its exam by the doctor, which made the 2 hour drive worth it! Anyway, hope you have fun with it.

Endment said...

Purple Martins how great! The neighbor down the hill has a house but so far no residents.

Hope you have fun volunteering - wonder - can they use any extra gray squirrels - the ones that tear apart feeders and try to open up the roof?

Thanks for the very kind words... I was not able to use the internet for a few days and heard that you were sharing kind words. thank you