Monday, April 03, 2006

At last

The book is finished, and has been sent to the editor at Rodale. Mark your calendars for May 2007 for the release of The Bunion Derby by Geoffrey F. Williams.


Eager Reader said...

I just checked and my local bookstore does not have it yet. Are you SURE that he finished it?

Susan Gets Native said...

Patience, loyal fan.

LauraHinNJ said...

Will his book tour bring you to NJ? Maybe we can bird while he signs books and babysits? ;-)

Susan Gets Native said...

That sounds great! He can sign with one hand and hang on to the girls with the other, right?
I do hope we get through NJ...I'm jealous of all the nice birding spots you have there.

Mary Lou said...

Congradulations to Geoff

Susan Gets Native said...

Hey, Mary Woo!!!!!

Wow, someone other than Laura and Jim left a comment! Glad you could figure it out! You grandma-to-be, you!