Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sandhill Crane Web Cam

Even at night, this is awesome. I just went to this site, and all was dark, but you can hear the cranes chatting back and forth in the gloom. I almost have Geoff convinced we can get there by the first week of April.
Hey, I didn't get to go to San Fransisco, but I'd settle for Nebraska.
Listening to those cranes affected me. I have seen sandhills in Magee Marsh, but thinking about the 500,000 cranes that show up along the Platte made my heart do a thing...can't describe it...
Geoff's the writer. Maybe if he commented on this blog occasionally...
Here's an interesting statistic: I have had more comments from strangers than from Geoff.
Anyway...go to this website!


LauraHinNJ said...

Boy, they are talkative! Thanks for the link.

Someday I will see the prairie states.. I must. NJ is not as awful as people seem to think (there are many beautiful places), but to stand on the prairies of this country with nothing around for miles... that would be awesome!

Ontario Wanderer said...

I stopped in Nebraska on one of my last trips back home to Kansas but missed the Cranes by about a week. Sigh! I've seen about a half dozen here in Ontario but would love to see the huge numbers in Nebraska.

Susan Gets Native said...

That would be a bummer missing the cranes by a week.
I think I will just have to watch on the web cam this husband is writing the next number one bestseller, and it's due April 1st, so he can't take the time off. And there's no WAY I'm driving out there with two kids by myself.
Laura: I have heard that NJ is quite awesome for birding, so at least it has that going for it.

Jim said...

Just went to Crane Cam Link. Need to look earlier, while it is still light, but they really make themselves heard.
[Oh, please forgive me... I slipped into seriousness. I'm sorry. I'll try not to let it happen again]

Susan Gets Native said...

Jim, have you gone mad?
You used your real name?
No bad puns? No lunacy?
Is the world still spinning?
Have the laws of physics been reversed?
Good God.

legal eagle said...

As the a-fourth-said's legal counsel, I have advised him to resume posting incognito lest he be thought to be missing a cog, or more seriously [less seriously??] he be charged with "aiding and a-birding" your avion advocacy.

L. Eagle said...

Your Honor, at side-bar, we would revise our statement to: "Avian Advocacy."