Friday, March 03, 2006

Better late than never

New Year's resolution: (yeah, yeah, I know it's March!)
Bird at least once a week...not counting the feeder-watching.
I don't think that I can feasibly bird with the girls so the birding would have to occur on the weekends. If anyone wants to come over and join me, let me know. I WILL bring someone into birding someday! I need that bird-or-die mentality.
We in Cincinnati don't have the true birding "hot spots" but we do have some great places...the Oxbow, lots of the parks, the Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford, etc. I'm not exactly sick of my yard birds, but there are a finite amount of species I can attract in my rural/suburban yard. Give me wild turkeys like Mom gets...or an indigo bunting like my lucky-dog in-laws got. What I would give for a warbler...any warbler!


LauraHinNJ said...

Do you have a birdbath Susan? Add a mister! Short of a pond with running water, a mister/dripper is probably the best way to attract warblers to your yard. And you have to be out there waiting for them. I used to spend hours with a book in view of my birdbath to see who would show up.

Susan Gets Native said...

We have a small fountain/pond/running stream in the front yard...that's about the largest body of water that my husband is comfortable with. At least the birds love it and we attracted some toads and frogs. And I plan on digging a storm water marsh this spring and crossing my fingers for some bug-eating bird action.
Sigh...maybe I should just join a birder group here in Cincinnati and try to get out there more. I just feel like every season, I am missing something big. :-(