Saturday, March 25, 2006

My moment of Birding Zen for the week

Jon Stewart gives us our moment of Zen every night on the Daily Show, so...

Yesterday, as I was shooing away the blankety-blank House Sparrows, I was also staring wistfully at the bluebird pair who were staring back at me just as intently. And then a quartet of Mockingbirds careened through the yard. The Cardinals were reenacting West Side Story in the trees ..."When You're a Jet...". A mystery Woodpecker (maybe our elusive Red-Headed?) drummed merrily off in the distance. A Turkey Vulture wheeled atop the woods across Rt. 48. And then, when I didn't think that I could squeeze another avian into the scene, a Great Blue Heron passed overhead.


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Endment said...


(for the first time - knowk on wood-- we don't have english sparrows here --- but we don't have bluebirds either)