Friday, March 24, 2006

Don't make my bluebirds blue!

I have become a Bluebird Constable. The bluebird pair from previous posts really look interested in our bluebird house. But, to my chagrin, the GD house sparrows like it too. I have been out there shooing them off most of the morning. I'll be dipped if I let those nasty little head-peckers bump out my bluebirds. Everything I read and see about house sparrows, I hate. They will not only displace our natives, but they will peck the heads of baby birds seemingly for the Hell of it.
I did find a use for our recently departed butterflies. I took them out to the back yard and laid them out, hopefully in an obvious way, for any bug-eating birds to have. Who knows if there will be any takers.


LauraHinNJ said...

Try this link for ideas:

Susan Gets Native said...

When I first saw your comment, I thought it said "Cialis". LOL ! ! !

I went to the site and it gave me alot of ideas. Of course, from what they have to say, the house sparrow is a persistent little cuss.
Thanks for the link! It's a treasure of info!

LauraHinNJ said...

Yeah, lots there. Maybe you'll find a simple solution.

I have a problem with house wrens filling up all my boxes and keeping the chickadees and titmice away. Not sure what to do.