Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Addition to the Family!

A few weeks ago, our little girl rat, Sugar, passed away. Huey, our little boy rat, was sick also, but thanks to Rachel's tender loving care (and vet tech skills) he is improving. But, rats are social critters, and Rachel suggested we get another rat to keep him company. Yesterday, the girls and I went to PetSmart and found a very cute, young girl rat and brought her home. She is yet to be named, so I am asking anyone with a great name for a female rat to post it here! Isabelle likes the names Feisty and Annabelle, but that last one is too close to Isabelle's name, and Feisty just doesn't fit.
So, here's your chance to help us name our newest family member. (I will add her photo ASAP)
She is a hooded rat, with a white body and black head and spine. She is young, active and very spry. We love her already...just need to name her!
I know SOME of you (Mom, Rita...ahem!) cannot fathom why I would love rats so much, because they are, well, Rodents! But remember that these are not sewer rats. The pet rat is as much like a sewer rat as a dog is like a wolf! And here's a neat statistic I read on one of my rat websites: Rats spend one third of their waking hours grooming and cleaning themselves. When you consider that cats spend about one fourth of their waking hours cleaning, that just goes to show you that rats are not the filthy creatures that people think they are!
Okay...enough of my soap-box...think of a cool rat name and send it in! The winner will receive one evening with our girls, to babysit them while we go out. What a prize! Are we generous or what?


beckperson said...

Ratso Rizzo - from one of my favorite movies!

But, sorry, I can't babysit unless you are in New England (which is not a bad idea).


Shannon said...

Okay well I am voting for names like Trinity or Merrick. Already taken you say about Sophie?? Don't ask me why it just came to me.

Shannon said...

Wait I have found it!!!! Zelda Hornknocker!!! Yep she's a Zelda.

Anonymous said...
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P. Piper said...

A great, and appropriate, name would be Penelope Pestilence.