Sunday, February 12, 2006

Listen to this idiot

The moron who left a nasty comment the other day has now left another one.
Here's the level of intelligence I am dealing with here:

Anonymous said...
Only self absorbed people have BLOGS...LOOSER
Sunday, February 12, 2006 6:31:07 PM

Looser? I assume this uneducated loony means "loser", but here's the question...Who is the loser? A nice person who writes her own blog for her FRIENDS and FAMILY, or somebody who has to go to blogs and read about strangers?

This is the last time I will revisit this, but I just had to show all of my nice, sweet, intelligent friends and family members what an idiot this guy is.


Maggie said...

Hi Susan

Thanks for the visit to my blog. My hit counter shows how people get to my blog and so I just followed it back to your blog.

I imagine you know that you can delete the ignorant idiot's comment with the little trash can down in the corner of the troll's comment.

You have a lovely blog. Its a shame there are jealous idiots out there.



Shannon said...

How sad for the moron, that the only thing he has to do is read the blogs of people that he doesn't know. HEY MORON GET YOUR OWN FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!

pop-up weasel said...

The free smiley thingees are often a source of viruses and ad garbage.