Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Let me tell you about my pets!

Since you are reading this, you are at least a little interested in what I have to say, so I will tell you about the animals in my life:
Nellie: Nellie is a German Shepherd/Rottweiler/Black Lab/Bird Dog/Clown/Acrobat/etc. She is probably the best-tempered dog I have ever met, and lets the girls crawl all over her and get into her food bowl and so on. She, however, draws the line at Isabelle trying to dress her in hats.
Queen: Queen is our oldest cat. She found me, when I was visiting Shannon (my best friend) at her apartment. This scrawny, wormy, half-tailed cat came walking up to me and started meowing to beat the band, and I fell in love on the spot. She used to love to sleep on my head, but now that she's about 10 years old, she prefers the armchair in the living room.
Pandora: Pandora was purchased as a "play mate" for Queen. Well, that didn't start out very well. Pandora got her name because when I let her out, "all hell broke loose". Pandora is our "upstairs cat", and is the most shy of the four.
Buddha: Buddha is officially Isabelle's cat; I decided that Isabelle needed a pet of her own,
so we went to the pet store and fell for him immediately. He walked right up to Isabelle and face-rubbed her shoe. Buddha got his name because I think he is the incarnation of the Buddha: nothing bothers this cat. (Even when Bailey, Mom's dog, rips out his fur.)
Trixie: Trixie was a stray found by Geoff. For reasons as yet unfathomable to him, he told me about the cat outside, and she quickly turned into the cat inside. She got her name because the vet originally thought she was pregnant when we found her, so we tried to find a floozy name. It turned out to be constipation.
Huey and Sugar: Our pet rats. Huey and Sugar came to us from Kevin (Geoff's brother) and Rachel (Kevins' girlfriend). Huey is as wonderful as can be, and Sugar should have been named Psycho or PMS. Huey got his name from Kevin and Rachel. As I sit here and type, Huey is sitting on my shoulder eating a Cheez-It.

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