Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hypocritical names of subdivisions

I really hate it when a perfectly good woodland or prairie field is plowed under to make room for more houses for uppity white people. Here are some names that are so hypocritical, it makes me a little sick:
Deer Haven ("Hey Bubba...where'd the deer go?")
Middleton Oaks...not an oak to be seen.
Eagle Nest...How many eagle nests did you have to knock down to build that over-priced shack?
Oakland...Huh? Where?
Cross Creek...there's no crossing, 'cause there's no creek.
If you see any names like this, I would love to see them.

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Bert Frimel said...

On behalf of the management and staff of MegaMansions, a division of Comfy Cottages Inc, I would like to take umbrage with your uncalled for utterances. We take great pride in all our developments, especially: "The Swamp at Quagmire Creek," "The Sawmill on Desert Flats" "The Vistas at Rumpke Landfill" "The Wolf's Den at Blitzer's Bayou," and "The Overlook at I-275 Underpass."