Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something awesome this way comes!

Spring migration.

Those words make me giddy. 
(Photo by Charley Eiseman)

Next week, I'm attending the Biggest Week in American Birding.  It's been too long since I got to experience the absolute wonder of Lake Erie's marshes and shore in May. 

I'll be blogging live from the festival,  (I'm an "Official Blogger", woohoo!) so stay tuned to this blog for all the news!


dAwN said...

yeah! Cant wait..I am giddy too~ for the birds and all the wonderful, crazy birders..

KGMom said...

I like your "title" as Official Blogger much better than some of the titles you have received!
It suits you.
Glad you are getting to go birding.

David Riewe said...

That is a pretty bird in the post.

Anonymous said...

that worked well, didn't it.

Anonymous said...

Hello? Anybody out there? Did I miss something?

Hope all is well -- I miss the bird posts.


Patent Attorney said...

What a noble, colourful looking bird!