Saturday, October 08, 2011

People photos from the Midwest Birding Symposium

I'm going to spare you my excuses for not updating my blog more.

So September brought the Midwest Birding Symposium in Lakeside, Ohio.  My arm got twisted (Thanks, Jeff!) and I am so glad I gave in.  Not only was it a birding event, it was full of faces I wanted to see, people I love to spend time with, and lots of new and wonderful people to meet.
There are a bazillion photos to are about, oh, forty of them.

First, Palito:
Palito got to meet lots of new people and see new places...

The Black Swamp Bird Observatory!!!
palito and BSBO sign

Ottawaa National Wildlife Refuge!!!
palito at ottawa

He got to meet (and be blown on by) the President of the ABA!
jeff and palito

And Liz!!
liz and palito

Palito doesn't like cole slaw.  He's an owl.
feeding palito

The Birder's Gang Sign:
palito gang sign

He got to meet Kim Kaufman!  He was so nervous.....
kim and palito

And Barb!
barb and palito

And beer!
palito and bud lite

And Gentleman Jack!
palito and Gentleman Jack

Here, Corey taunts him with a knife.
corey and palito

And now the people:
Okay, I was totally innocent this time.  I was INNOCENTLY taking photos of Lynne and Kathi, and what happens?  Up goes the FINGER.
And look at the hairy eyeball she is giving me too!
lynne birding me

Okay, funny story.  Al Batt told a hilarious story the last night of the symposium, and here's a short synopsis:
When he was a teenager,  he and a friend let some Muscovy ducks loose in their high school.  They put tags on the wings of FOUR ducks:  Duck #1, Duck #2, Duck #3 and Duck #5.  And the next day, the school was in an uproar because they "couldn't find the last duck".
Well, we found Duck #4!
duck number 4

The Rain Crows!
rain crows

Ann Oliver's KICK ASS shoes:
ann's kick ass shoes

Bacon!!!!  Yes, he's a people!

I went birding with the guys, and it was so great....
(Corey Finger, Christopher Ciccone and Greg Miller....yeah, THAT Greg Miller!)
corey greg chris

Corey liked the back of my car.
corey and my car

Here's Kathi being all volunteery at her post at the information/registration booth:
Kathi being volunteery

Ah, the boat ride on Thursday night.  Lynne and Ruthie had JUST gotten there as the boat was leaving.
It was a fun, albeit rocky trip.  And it was GREAT to finally meet Ruthie...we actually got her to Ohio!
the boat people

Oh, and here's a random bird photo:
BE over Lakeside

Do yourself a favor and mark your calendars for the next Midwest Birding Symposium....
In 2013!
sunset over Lake Erie


dugfresh said...

you know what was missing from those pics? me. i would love to be there next year. :)

dugfresh said...

and i love that little palito makes a cameo throughout!
"little palito"—i suppose that was redundant...

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, I agree. Lake Erie is the best kept secret in Ohio. Mark your calender for Fall 2013. Go. Do it now.
And yeah, Palito was a big hit. Only a few people wanted to blow the whistle, though...

KGMom said...

oh my god--I didn't realize that when you went to MBS you actually SAW birds? Really?
I thought it was all about the drinking, the joking, the eating, the singing, the whatever. But birds? Who knew?

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of Lynne giving you the bird is hilarious!!! And why is it that I did not meet Palito?! =stamping feet and pouting= Already looking forward to the 2013 gathering....

NCmountainwoman said...

I really miss your funny and sometimes serious posts.

Not that you ever need one, but that Palito is once heck of an ice breaker in any situation. I'm thinking now that I just gotta get me a mascot. Not much hope of finding one better than Palito...I mean, well you know, that backside resembling a penis, a whistle you can blow on, and the great shape of a mischievous owl.

RuthieJ said...

It was so great to finally meet the Ohio birders too! I'm already pre-registered for 2013!

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