Monday, November 01, 2010

Cape May 2010 Post #1: Also known as "Singing Karaoke with Sweet Caroline, the Town Lesbian"

Back from Cape May and reeling around trying to find "real life" again...because what happens in Cape May isn't real.  It's a fantasy that birders fall into every year and the time comes, too soon, to wake up and go home.
My posts are not going to be in chronological order...I'm starting with Friday night, since it's the easiest.
The scene:  The C-View, a little sports bar in town, which proclaims to be the oldest tavern in Cape May
The people:  Delia, Laura, Beth, me, a few of Beth's friends and a local or two
We were sitting there drinking, having a great time.  Delia explained "jammers" to me:  Someone who "looks" gay but isn't.  We were puzzling over a woman at the bar, and at one point the woman came over to us drunkenly and started chatting us up.  Turns out she was puzzling over us too.
She described herself as Cape May's "Town Lesbian" and proceeded to lead us in a searing rendition of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline".  And gave us grief for not singing louder and more robustly.  
Sorry, drunken stranger. 

But check out Beth....she even got the "Bah Bah Bah's" right!


dguzman said...

Hey, I was singing!

But then, I was pretty gone by that point.

Beth said...

Hey, I get crap for being a birder and I get crap for being a Neil Diamond fan. And here is proof of my being both. Damn incriminating tape, Susan.

Chris Petrak said...

So I'm wondering if you were in CM Fri & Sat for the fall out - I am still reeling from the experience. The place is good birding at all times, but exceeded everything I have experienced in the past. No time or energy left for night life.

Susan Gets Native said...

Delia: Yes, you were. And adorable too.
Beth: I give you NO crap. :)

Chris: We were there for the massive fallout. Insane. But we always reserve energy for late night bar visits.

Susan said...

Was in Cape May this fall, but not there. Or then.:( perhaps someday. but the birds were great the first week of October, and we'll go back again and again. Sweet Caroline, uh, not so very too much.

Kathi said...

Ahhh - the C-View.

I love The Flock. In spite of the fact that none of you can sing.