Monday, May 03, 2010

New River: Bacon

It's not really Julie that everyone wants to meet and greet.
It's always about the dog.

Chet, along with Bill and Julie, is a staple of the New River Birding and Nature Festival. If you attend this week of fun, you will be greeted at some point by this bundle of love and springs.

When I know I will be seeing Chet, I make sure I have good and chewy treats to feed him so that he will be extra gassy, and he also gets a toy.
Since most dog toys don't last more than a few seconds with Chet, this time I just made him one from fleece scraps that I had left over from projects. I added orange "flagella" and voila. An amoeba.

He always goes right for the seam. Since I had sewn the stitches, I knew this amoeba wasn't long for this world.

"Ack. Polyester stuck in my teeth."

Chet can turn any Blogger into a silly and goofy kid...

Somehow, Chet flipped Sara onto her back....

...and even got Laura (yes, quiet and ladylike Laura) to run around like a goofball trying to play keep-away:

We all become ridiculous around this dog.


And I love him for that. Well, for lots of things.


And during all this fawning over the dog, poor Julie tries to get attention by wearing another dog toy.
Delish JZraccoon stole
Sorry, Zick.


Mary said...

I love that dog.

Beth said...

Chet is the New River mascot. You can't help but love that rascal.

Beth said...

Chet is the New River mascot. Who doesn't love that rascal?!

LauraHinNJ said...

Chet induced madness!