Thursday, December 10, 2009

We are our own Paparazzi

When I first heard this song*, all of the photos of the Flock, in all its incarnations, came flooding into my mind. When we are all together, we are constantly snapping away at each other with our cameras like crazed tourists.
Yes, we go to birding festivals to see the birds. But it's the faces of our friends that make the trips memorable.
I'm in desperate need of new photos of my peeps. I have been recycling the same ones over and over.
*I adore Lady Gaga. Can't stop listening to this song!

Next festival for me is New River Bird and Nature Festival. Click here to learn more.
(Hey, you Flock members and quasi-Flock members? If you want to go, email me at so we can talk about lodging. We can try to fill the Farmhouse again. Seriously. We can get a good deal.)

And if I can swing it (i.e. Geoff doesn't have kittens about it), I want to see the great open spaces of North Dakota at the Potholes and Prairies Festival in June.


Mary said...

And I got some real good dance moves to this tune. Yeah. Real good...

Loved this, Susan. I was looking at my "New River" folder yesterday and cherishing everything about it.


Susan Gets Native said...

I wanna see your dance moves, Mary.
Seriously, I want to fill the Farmhouse again, if we can. If not, there are smaller cabins available (a few that sleep 6, a little bigger than Tim's was). The more people we can get to come, the less expensive it is for everyone. I really don't want to go by myself. That would give me a sad.
Hugs to you, by the way.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Oh God, Susan, This one made me cry. Can't you all just move up here by me? Imissmyflocksobadtonight.

Prairies and Potholes?

I love that last photo.

Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, Lynne, Don't cry!
And I would LOVE a summer home in Minnesota. Which I would inhabit, what, two months out of the year? Isn't that how long Summer lasts up there?

Yeah, P&P, maybe. If I can be charming enough to leave for a week, one month after coming back from being gone for a week. If that makes sense.

LauraHinNJ said...

Jeez... you'd not recognize me without that camera plastered to my eye!


I'd love to do P+P again... not sure if it's in the cards for me tho.

Murr Brewster said...

So if a girl was thinking about coming...what's the farmhouse? Does one get dropped in W. Va. and have to find their way to a particular farmhouse? How does this work?

Gail said...

Susan, Popped over here from Mary's Views and have had a great time...Loved your Why Birds post. I am trying to know the birds who live and visit my garden much better.

Beth said...

Hi Susan, I am definitely in for New River next year, but I am not into sharing a house (sorry to be such a stick in the mud - I am just more comfortable alone). Can't wait to see all the Flockers and hopefully the Cock of the Flock too!


Susan Gets Native said...

Well, fine Beth. Be a stick in the mud. You can just MISS the sight of me dashing around after a shower in my all-together.

THE Farmhouse is a rental property owned by Opossum Creek Cabins. Built at the beginning of last century for coal miners and their families. Renovated and very homey. IT HAS A HOT TUB ON THE BACK DECK.
And you want to come? You want to become a birder??? Or just drink and laugh a lot?
It goes without saying that we would LOVE to have you.

Mary said...

Susan, a few weeks ago I learned from Dave Pollard that Opossum Creek is totally booked. He suggested another cabin community and I don't remember the name of it (Country Cabins?). I was bummed. Looks like we sold ourselves out of lodging. I'm considering two or three nights at a local hotel but I'm not sure.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Arrggghh!! Opossum Creek is totally booked?? That's only good news for Heeter! Baaaw!
HOWEVER. Can you all imagine having Murr along? OMG. If you haven't seen her latest post, "Music of the Spheres," then you really must. And then you will be able to imagine it.
(I've been sending her not-so-subtle hints that she should come to New River).
Potholes, Ho. Hope you can work it out, SGN.
And fabulous job on the video. Makes me all misty.
Baker kisses,

Susan Gets Native said...

Still trying to figure out if JZ just called me a Ho.

The Farmhouse is available. Email me, people!
The more people, the LESS EXPENSIVE it is!

Murr Brewster said...

I would be perfectly comfortable being in the midst of birders without starting a list of my own. I have bad eyes and really good binoculars (thanks Dave!), but I sure like tromping around in the rain and scooping up salamanders and singing and such. I'll room with anyone who isn't squeamish about flatulence, which is a competitive sport at my house.

dguzman said...

Wow, Murr fits in already!

I've GOT to go to a festival next year--P&P sounds awesome! Especially if the cabins with the hot tubs on the deck are already booked up. Fuggeddaboudit! (sp?)

And aren't we all Hos?

RuthieJ said...

Loved that video Susan. Is Lady Gaga the singer?
Potholes & Prairies? Really? there were a lot of lifers I missed last time, but with you and Kathi attending I could pick up some blogging lifers too!
P.S. Most of the snow should be all melted by then!