Sunday, November 01, 2009

We interrupt these posts to bring you randomosity

Isabelle's birthday cake:
Isabelles birthday cake
She wanted creepy and we delivered.


I think an orthodontist is in Lorelei's future.

Bird walk today with some friends:
Mary Ann, the dope with no blog to link to.

Kathi, aka KatDoc, aka everyone's favorite vet.

The fog burned off, thankfully...
foamy stuff field Armleder that a dead snake on the path?
Is it a snake

No. It's...a belt.
No it's a belt


Mary said...

I hope you saw more than a belt this morning.

That poor child looks frightened at that cake ;-)

Happy Birthday Lorelei!!!!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle! (oops.)

Susan Gets Native said...

It's okay, Mary.
And I told you that I can tell when you have been drinking.

Kelly said...

...I dig that creepy cake..very Halloweeny! Looks she had a wonderful birthday party too.

Dave said...

CAKE!!!!!! Happy BD Isabelle!

Beth said...

Halloween birthdays are the best - lots of great costumes, cakes and parties. Happy birthday Isabelle!

KGMom said...

Creepy cake, huh? Sounds like your daughter is being raised exactly the right way!

Tricia said...

That cake is the absolute best!!! Glad to see Lorelei enjoying the traumatizing teeth!

Susan said...

I hope it was a money cake..a quarter for every missing tooth...and I hope the belt found a waist to wrap around (or a least a fan)
I wish y'all lived in the Ottawa Valley..where we'd gladly sip wine with Mary!

NCmountainwoman said...

That definitely is a creepy cake. I just love it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELLE! You are one terrific kid.