Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hola from Miami!

Not too much to say tonight, since the Intertubes are hinky at this hotel.
We are in Miami, Florida, on our way to a cruise to the Bahamas in the morning.

As an Ohio birder who doesn't travel much, a bird unseen in Ohio causes me to salivate.

When we vacationed in Florida last year, my Isabelle found a Loggerhead Shrike, a lifer.
This time, she found one for me AGAIN.


I was able to slowly approach this bird and got to within FEET of it before it got uncomfortable.
(I also have video of it singing..saving that for another post)

Monk parakeets are in every palm tree, and when they land on the ground, they blend perfectly with whatever ground cover they have here.
I love them. Probably because I don't live here and have to listen to them all day long.
Lorelei said today, while watching some, "They are so cute! I want to bite their little heads off!"

Brown pelicans were ubiquitous along the surf:
Brown pelican
How does something that ungainly-looking get its butt off the ground?

Sanderlings abound.
Might be weird, but I always think of Laura when I see a Sanderling.
Which makes no is tiny and cute and one is tall and Jersey-ish.


Mary said...

Oooo, Susan, this is the best. I'm loving your photos! Lorelei is her Mother's Daughter, for sure.

Soak up the atmosphere real good.

donaldthebirder said...

Cool shots.

Reminds me of why I despise living in Cincinnati!

LauraHinNJ said...

That shrike... gorgeous... had my first in Georgia.

Sanderlings and me... Pfft! One can be tall and Jersey-ish and cute. So there.

Mike said...

Will you be birding in the Bahamas, Susan? I strongly recommend it. If you need some tips for New Providence and Paradise Island, shoot me an e-mail.

Susan said...

Great birds. (especially the Shrike!) Great weather. Great way to spend a day or two. Wow.

KatDoc said...

So, you're saying Jersey isn't cute?

Great photos. Loving the shrike!


RuthieJ said...

Great photos Susan! I'm glad you're all enjoying birding fun in the sun.

Susan Gets Native said...

Okay...YES, things from New Jesey can be cute, too. Jeez.

Susan Gets Native said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dguzman said...

Wow. And for me, Sanderlings=Cape May=New Jersey=Laura. Simple math, baby.

Great pics! Glad you're having a good time.

Chris Petrak said...

Good photos, esp the shrike. The few times I have seen them, I have not been able to get close. Good photos all.

Cecilia said...

Hi Susan! Just found your amazing blog. I used to live in Miami and Naples and couldn't get enough of the great birding. I love your shots. We vacationed in Aruba last Feb. and were blown away by the Caracara.

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