Monday, September 07, 2009

A weekend overflowing

Lots of little things happened this past few days:

Let's start with Nellie. Nellie (our almost 9 year old Lab/Rott mix), gets horrible allergies this time of year, and with every passing summer, it gets worse. Time to see Dr. Kathi!

Dr. Kathi
I love to see her in her official white coat.

Turns out our appointment was right after a Facebook friend's:
Mary Ann
Mary Ann (That poor dope with no blog)

I've been trying forever to get a photo of the resident chipmunks who live at Lake Isabella and this one stopped just long enough (praying?) for me to capture him.

The other night, Geoff let Hooper outside around 3 am. He was unable to get Hooper to come back in, so Hooper slept under one of our maple trees until dawn.
And this was why he refused to come in:
Raccoon in robins nest
He had treed a raccoon.
And the raccoon fell asleep in an old robin's nest.

Raccoon in robins nest 2
I'm sure it wasn't a restful night for this teen-aged raccoon.

A praying mantis on the hummingbird feeder:
Mantis on hummingbird feeder
If this guy had been bigger (he was only about three inches long) I would be worried about our hummingbirds.

To cleanse your minds from that link, how about some Boston Terriers?
Big and little BTs
These guys visited my program today at Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve. The little one is really little (a"teacup" Boston) and the larger one was really large (about 40 pounds).

This is a red-morph screech owl who lives with the Hamilton County Parks:
Red morph SO parks
And just a few months ago, he was one of the flurry of screech owls who would regularly land on me when I entered the screech owl mew to get Angel. All of the birds who now live at the Park once were birds being cared for by RAPTOR, Inc.

My favorite bird from the Parks:
Curly BV
This is Curly, an 8-year old Black Vulture. He is uninjured physically, but is a human imprint, so he is unable to be released.

A super fun bird...lots of personality:
Curly and Matt
He would rather be near his keepers than near other birds.

Curly samples Matt's leg hair
And he likes to sample the hair on their legs.


KGMom said...

What a fun potpourri post--Dr. Kathi in whites, treed raccoons, owls, bright-eyed black vultures.
What's not to like.

Mary said...

Yeah, fun post! I always wanted a white faced miss-marked Boston. God they're cute. Good to see Kathi in her vet outfit ;o)

All four of Bella's feet are licked to dark red. Not bleeding yet, but the Benedryl ain't workin'. Trip to a vet soon, I'll bet.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I like that white-faced Boston. I thought it was some American Bulldog mix. Does it have one blue eye?

Love the uber professional Kathi!

Do Black Vultures not get warty heads like TUVUs?

dguzman said...

Cool post. I'm glad Niblet doesn't have allergies!

@Lynne--all the Blackies I've seen just have the wrinkly without the warty.