Monday, September 21, 2009

Things you can find when you pay attention...and when you are lazy

Walking in our prairie today, trying to shake a blue mood, I was sadly watching the petals fall from our huge stand of Tall Coreopsis.
Fall is creeping over the horizon more every day. Hooper was suddenly alert, trotting over to the fence. I followed, since his eyesight and hearing are much better than mine, and he has pointed me to interesting things more than once.

A tiny, fledgling goldfinch. Just sitting in a clump of weeds. No visible injuries. Just young.

Fledgling AMgoldfinch

Before placing it in the apple tree on the other side of the fence (and away from the dogs), I soaked in its stubby tail,
stubby tail
...barely poking out from the sheaths,

...and let the wee thing perch on my fingers. It was either too weak or too trusting to fly away on its own. It was gently placed among the apples, where a male adult was waiting nervously.
(Just noticed my nails in this photo...more on that at the end)

A few minutes later, on the front porch, a ruckus had begun.
I usually dismiss the house sparrows that swarm like locusts around the feeders (occasionally throwing shoes at them or banging on the windows), but one had tackled a moth.
HOSP and moth
I watched in fascinated horror as it shook the moth until it had stopped fluttering. And then shook off its legs for good measure.

A few minutes after that, while staring at the dishes in disgust, a song sparrow landed just outside the window.
It was sampling the grass seeds sprouting from the BANK of weeds I was too lazy/busy/distracted to pull this summer.
song sparrow2

song sparrow
So yet again, judicious laziness has rewarded us.

Now, my nails.
I have been losing weight rapidly over the past few months. Without trying.
While at a program, I ran into a woman who hasn't seen me in quite a while, and her face dropped into a worried frown as she took my hand and said, "Oh...have you been ill?"
I laughed it off. I reveled in giving away all of my jeans and buying new ones three sizes smaller.
New bras. New tops. Tightening my watch. Being able to take off my wedding and engagement rings to finally clean them.

But. I noticed that my fingernails have been growing into ridges, like growth rings on a tree. Horizontal ridges, emerging from the base.
I read up on this odd symptom, and from the list of ever-increasing, serious-sounding illnesses (malabsorption syndrome, diabetes, cancer) I concluded that it was time to see the doctor.
I am obviously not absorbing nutrients, and while I have loved my lighter body, I am also worried that I am robbing my body of things it needs, like calcium for my bones and protein for my muscles. Vitamin A, potassium, etc....
So, I go in tomorrow so my doctor can look under the hood and kick the tires. Will keep you informed.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Please let us know- I worry about you sweet Susan. You who have shown me teent tiny critters, snails of beauty, bitty bugs and weeds, and birds of course- all in a way I've never seen them before. You look so closely at the life around you, and now look after yourself.

Susan Gets Native said...

Love you too, Lynne.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, the grass seeds look holy with their glow!

I hope everything is all right.

Nicole said...

I hope you have a teeny, tiny little malady that is quickly alleviated by the consumption of vast quantities of ice cream or cake or potato chips. Your choice. :-)

Seriously, please keep us posted on what happens.

KGMom said...

I've been reading about your weight loss and assumed you wanted to and were eating carefully or exercising or both.
But unplanned weight loss is something to watch.
Looking for good news here!

Love the sweet little birdie. I had my own such experience, but it was no special bird like a goldfinch. If I write it up, you will see.

Juli Rose said...

I sincerely hope it turns out to be nothing more serious than a vitamin deficiency. Sending you tons of hugs!

NCmountainwoman said...

I'm glad you are seeing your doctor. Unexplained weight loss is something to investigate.

Thanks for giving me my newest favorite phrase, "judicious laziness." I knew there must be a term for it.

Mary said...

I worried when you said I'm losing weight without trying! Please, please, take care of yourself. Let us know what the doc says...


LauraHinNJ said...

More ice-cream.

(my suggestion!)

Waiting to hear with you...

dguzman said...

Definitely more ice cream, and perhaps a healthy and judicious dose of Doritos!

Please keep us posted. Gees, I'm off the blog for a day and all of a sudden you're ill!? take care, dear friend. Niblet sends nuzzles too!

Beth said...

please, please, please be okay, dear friend. Sending you white healing light and energy.

Love, Beth

Dave said...

All the best wishes. Let me know if I can kick the tires. :)

dAwN said...

OH dear we are all worried..I hope u will check out fine..
Take care of take care of everything else.
Please keep us informed.

Susanna H. said...

I'm still waiting to see/hear that you are okay! I emailed Laura on Monday night as soon as I saw your post.
You rescued me, two weeks ago, and you've never even met me!

Best wishes and healthy thoughts

T.R. said...

You better be taking care of yourself!!! Get to a doctor!!