Friday, August 07, 2009


As a person of nature, it is imperative to go out and embrace it whenever possible.

When the day-to-day grind wears down and you fly to find yourself in a sunlit field.

When the large eludes, you instead find the small, the overlooked.

young katydid maybe

Giving up on the skies, you instead look to the ground.

Dragonfly CSI
The remains of a feast of dragonflies.

In a wide open field, you can feel yourself expand with it, and in that expansion, a constriction down into yourself, where all is quiet, still and at peace.

In that stillness, the mind can focus on minuscule water drops, beading on a wing left behind.
halloween pennant wing water drops

You have to turn over coreopsis leaves to see the nursery underneath.
Little baby somethings on coreopsis

A dragonfly trusts you just long enough to gaze into your eyes.
Macro dragonfly

The path narrows and coneflowers brush your face.
Yellow coneflower

For a minute, dipping into the woods for its cool shade rewards you with a treasure growing right at eye level.
Orange mushroom

And stepping back into the sun, a tiny moment is frozen and stretches forever.
Clouded sulphur and skipper coneflowers


dAwN said...

Beautiful Susan! You touch my heart!
Plus...I love shrooms!

KGMom said...

Lovely pics, and lovely words.
I say--plow under the whole lawn, and turn it into meadow.

Susan Ellis said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. ...wish there were a few zillion 1000 more people listening!

dguzman said...

Look at you, getting all Nina with it!

Susan Gets Native said...

You know, funny you should say that. I always think, "How would Nina shoot this photo?" or "How would Nina describe this?". I'm planning a post about "channeling our inner Nina".