Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming live to a radio near you!

I will be on WMKV FM today for a one-hour interview about RAPTOR, Inc.
If you live in Cincinnati, reception is best North and East of downtown. If you can't get the station on the radio, you can listen to it live, starting at 1 pm, on your computer through the station's website:

Click here to hear my dulcet tones!

And don't call in and prank me. :)


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

"Yeah, um, I've got this eagle in my back yard. It's brown and it tweets all morning- and like- what can I do to get rid of it?"

Susan Gets Native said...


Beth said...

"Hi. Long time listener-first time caller. Anyway, I've got this brown bird with a red breast hopping all over my yard and eating all my earthworms. So, like, can I shoot it with my BB gun? I like the earthworms."

Kyle said...

Well, I tuned in pretty late, but got to hear the last 25 minutes or so. Outstanding job, Susan!

Loved the owl calls you played, even if I don't speak Owl. Never before realized how much Barred Owls sound like Howler Monkeys!

Pat said...

Susan, I tuned in even though I am in Massachusetts. You were great! I especially liked hearing the odd sounds that can come from owls. I never would have thought them to be owl produced!
My most exciting owl story was that I saw a Great Grey owl shortly after nightfall here in Massachusetts! It was absolutely enormous!
Thanks for having your web site.
You come across on the radio as very professional :)